To the Moon

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I spent the last four and a half hours playing one of the best indie adventure games I’ve ever encountered. Called To the Moon, this game was just amazing. It’s more text-adventure and it’s more like you’re watching and reading a great movie. The plot is so breathtakingly refreshing. I was starved for something new and different plot-wise, and I found it here.

Anyway, below is my spoiler-free review.

The Goods
– They had Animorphs references. I nearly pissed my pants in JOY just from seeing that!
– All the characters were great! I especially loved the character interactions — in particular the banter between Neil and Eva. And their sarcastic wits were just brilliant!
– The plot was very interesting. A great sci-fi (and I don’t even like sci-fi much!) story with psychological elements. There were plenty of angst and drama and comedy in this game. I burst out laughing so many times! And I was also in tears in several places.
– The soundtrack was gorgeous. I want to buy the OST now!
– There is this one battle scene in the beginning that made me laugh so much. That’s one scene I will never forget!
– The game creators were so detailed. For example, there’s a bag that shows its age as Neil and Eva goes back in time. The bag starts off looking shabby, but then it looks newer as they travel back in time.
– Normally I complain about the length of the game, but 4-5 hours for this game was perfect. The great pacing also helped!
– The graphics were beautifully done. Sure, it’s SNES-era graphics, but that alone gives the game a nostalgic feel to it.

The Bads
– Shoddy controls. The controls were not smooth at all. It can get irritating when you’re moving your characters, but it’s a minor issue that I can ignore for the most part.
– That repetitive flip puzzle got really annoying!

The Uglies
– I am assuming there’s a sequel coming to this? I hope so because I was left with some puzzling questions about Neil. Honestly, this is not really an ugly, but the lack of explanation of Neil’s situation is making my head spin!

If you like games like 999 or Phoenix Wright, I highly recommend this. This is not a game for those who seeks action and FPSes and for pretty PlayStation 3 graphics. However, if you like plot and character-driven games that are not all about gameplay, then this is a wonderful game to try. The game cost $12, and it’s worth it.


  1. Wow that game sounds really fun. I might have to try the trial sometime. I bookmarked it. :)

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