Best Feeling Ever

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I just turned in my final project for my policy class. I beat the deadline by about 12 hours. I feel like my project is utter crap, but I don’t care.

I’m just glad I submitted it. After I clicked submit, I felt 300% lighter. After a long month of school hell, I can finally relax a bit. Sort of. I still have other stuff to do for my classes, but they are not as heavy duty as this PowerPoint project of doom!

Too bad it’s almost 2:30am. Not the best time to celebrate. Well, I’m definitely celebrating with a cocktail or two after work tonight. Now that I am finally not taking meds, I can drink again! First time in two months! The only problem is . . . what shall I drink?


  1. I like that you don’t care now, it’s rather rebellious. Tehee! Sometimes projects can be so time-consuming and energy-draining that you really have given it your all. I’m sure it’s a great weight off your shoulders and that you won’t do too badly in it. :)

    I don’t drink, so I’ve no idea. :P Nothing too strong, I’d say.

    • Thanks, Georgie! I hope I get good marks, but if I don’t, oh well. XD;;

      And I ended up only drinking two things. I know how to control myself, hahaha :D

  2. That’s great! I bet you are so relieved. I hope you enjoy this feeling!

  3. Congrats! It’s such a wonderful feeling when returning in a project that you’ve been working on for some time & it has taken up most of your time. I’ll hopefully have that feeling in a month or so :P

    Hmm, what shall you drink. Well. No idea actually :D

  4. i know how it felt like to submit assignment before dateline. but in my case, most of the time, i submitted just before the dateline. prolly a minute before :S haha

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