Pearly the Phone

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On Friday, October 28, I noticed that my cellphone, Ceru, was acting very weird. Everything was working all right, except when I tried to make or receive calls. No sound came out of it. Yet the ringer worked and so does the alarm . . . O_O; Ergo, today, I went to One Stop on base (the same place I bought Ceru) to see if I could get it fixed. According to the bloke who worked there, it would cost me more to get the phone fixed, so I’d be better off getting another one, instead.

The first phone he showed me was the refurbished LG-LU4500 model for $80. I was not enamoured by the pink colour, nor some of the scratches on the phone, but I did want to try a touch phone. Plus, of all the phones he’d shown me, he highly recommended this one. So I ended up buying this and naming it Pearly. The touch screen is not as good as my 2nd gen iPod Touch, but I’m getting used to it as I practise. It’s not a bad phone, really. Not bad for the price considering it was probably $500+ when it first came out.

At least I can now receive and send calls and hear everything unlike my other one! I’ll still be keeping Ceru (as an alarm clock along with my other old phone), so it is still here to stay. But Pearly shall be the ultimate pimpity pimpy phone.


  1. Apple touchscreen products have a capacitive touchscreen, which is more sensitive compared to another type of touchscreen that is resistive. I’m thinking that your new cellphone has a resistive touchscreen.

    To determine such, resistive touchscreen phones can be used with a stylus. Apple touchscreen devices don’t need that. I bought a stylus before for my 1st iPod touch and it didn’t work at all.

    • When I re-calibrated the screen, it did say something about using a stylus for better results, so I guess this phone has a resistive screen.

      Thanks for letting me know. I thought it just hated my fingers LOL. At least now I know why my nails work better than my fingertips.

  2. I thought I would hate a touch screen phone because I was addicted to my phone with an actual keyboard but now I absolutely love my touch screen phone especially when I use the predictive texts for when my fingers slip. I love playing touch screen games, too. I think it’s so silly when it costs more to get a brand new phone than to fix a phone.

    • It is silly that it cost more to get something fixed, but ehhhh, whatever works XD;

      I miss my buttons ~_~; I discovered it’s easier to text with the buttons since I am not given a QWERTY keyboard on the screen for that! I just need practise I think. So different from my iPod Touch!

  3. Pimpity pimp! I love getting new phones, I have only ever gotten a new phone twice really… I’m sorry to hear about Ceru but at least you have a fully functioning phone now. That’s what matters!

    It was hard for me to get used to a touchscreen but I definitely got the hang of it. My mum’s been searching for a new phone lately and she doesn’t seem to like touch screen but said “I’m going to have to learn to use a new phone anyway…”

    • New phones and other electronic toys are awesome :D I am getting the hang of the touchscreen slowly. This one is just so much different from the iPod Touch screen!

      Btw, I love your new gravatar! So cute! ^^

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