Second Life Identity

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Thanks to Vickie, I started playing Second Life. The best way to describe this is that it’s The Sims meet a hypersexualised MMO with the most frustrating user interface known to man. I’ve encountered some annoying issues playing this. One of the major issues I’m having is connection problems. My connection tends to die on me every couple of week, so I have to always reset it for it to work . . . but ever since I started Second Life 24 hours ago, I had to reset about 4 times now X_X; It also lags on my connection, which is odd since I’m in Korea and our connection is fast and reliable.

However, I did encounter an amusing thing. I started off as an airship and when I tried to customise the avatar into human, the programme was only showing me his top-half. His entire lower-body was not appearing, so my friend and I puzzled over this strange and freaky phenomenon. I finally got his lower-half to appear after my friend discovered that I had to re-login the programme. ~_~;

Despite all the strange issues, I still find it quite fun to try and customise my guy.

This bloke, by the way, is Takimoto Chikao aka Chi-Chan aka TC. I hope you guys can see why I went the “TC” route XD; I am in love with him now!


  1. You’ll probably be buying Linden dollars very soon to further pimp out Chi-Chan. :P

  2. cynthia on

    Haha! I’m on there too (Hikari Beliveau). Your connection problems make me wonder if the SL servers are located where the HQ is at (here in the Bay Area) … which would make sense for connection issues. ;P

    • Yeah, I guess it makes sense for the servers to be wonky, but it’s still kind of annoying, haha. Oh well XD;

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