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My visa was going to expire in October 2011. My passport was going to expire in February 2012. Ergo, there was no point in renewing a visa in my 2012 passport. So what’s the next best solution? Get a new passport and then renew my visa! Clever, aren’t I?

The procedure was not so bad since the guys at the legal office handled my passport. It took about three weeks for my new passport to arrive. Then came the visa process. After staying at a hospital and at home all week, my first venture outside was to go get a new visa at Sejongno Branch Immigration Office, which is very near Anguk Station, Line #3 aka Orange Line. That only took about fifteen minutes. Hurrah!

I now have a new passport that will expire in 2021. The new US passport is so pretty! So much better than the older design. With a new passport and a new visa, I am all legal!


  1. I totally love the new passport! So colorful! Wow, your passport came quick. Mine took much longer than that. A couple of months or so. Talk about background check….

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