Final Fantasy Distant Worlds II Here I Come!

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Back in 2010, I’d gone to this lovely concert.

Today, I woke up to a wall post on my Facebook profile from Tokki-Chan, informing me that another FF Distant Worlds concert is coming to Korea. Somehow I’d missed this titbit, so I am glad she alerted me; otherwise it’d be a major travesty had I remained ignorant.

Five minutes after I discovered this news, I called to buy my VIP ticket for 100,000 won ($96ish dollars), where a very patient lady helped me through the process. I had to give her my passport number, which will be the number I need to give when I go pick up my ticket on the day of the concert.

I have something to look forward to, a very nice treat after putting my nose and sinus through surgery hell last week (I was hospitalised from September 8 to September 11, and my surgery was on September 9.). With my mood 300% happier than yesterday, I hope that affects my healing process!

Oh, happy day! I am going to be squealing all of today!