999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

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I spent the last few days engaged in a real mind-provoking game. Called 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, it is an interactive novel game for the Nintendo DS. The basic plot of the game is that there are nine people stuck on a ship, they have to go through nine doors to find their way out, and they have nine hours to get the job done. As they go through the ship, they have to solve puzzles that’ll lead them out to their freedom. How much did I like it? Quite a lot actually . . . read my spoiler-free review below!

The Goods
– All the characters were well-developed and quite fascinating. A lot of them didn’t even fit their stereotypes, either. It was great seeing how all of them interacted with another.
– The whole plot was unlike anything I’ve read about before. All the twist and turns in each path . . . I was on the edge of my seat constantly!
– The Titanic angle, the Morphogenetic Theory, a condition someone suffers that is the central root of the whole story . . . this plot was so indepth that it was educational! I learned about so many new facts!
– The ability to skip the text you’ve encountered on your previous play-through was very handy.
– Unlike most games that offer multiple ending, this one recommends you to get all the bad and normal endings before getting the true good ending. The other endings help fill in the blanks and expand character developments and the plot, so doing that is very fulfilling.

The Bads
– In subsequent play-through, you can skip the text you’ve already read, but you can’t skip the puzzles. So you have to constantly re-do the puzzles you’ve already done.
– The music was not very memorable. It did an excellent job of making scenes tense, scary, sad, and happy, but it’s not sticking in my head!

The Uglies
– When I got the true ending, I had already spoiled myself, so I knew what was happening. But it’s a good thing I did. I was confused on what happened, so had I not spoiled myself . . . I’d been left with an ending that made me go WTF.

Honestly, this game was just brilliant. I cannot stop thinking about how it was all put together. Everything, the character, the plot, the themes, the factual information . . . they were all great. This is one interactive novel I’m so glad I played. There are many crap ones out there, but this is not one of those at all!


  1. Wow that sounds like a game that I’d quite enjoy. I never heard of it before. I might have to check it out. I haven’t bought a game for my DS in quite some time now. Thanks!

  2. How interesting. I haven’t found a good game in a while. Shall look into this.

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