Lifetime Friendship

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Today at work, my best friend in Guam called me. We didn’t talk long since I was at work, but she did ask me to help her out with something. Then she mentioned, “Can you believe it’s our 20th anniversary?”

. . . HOLY CRAP. She’s right. She and I met in 1991 around this time of the year. So it has been 20 years. My goodness! We’re ancient! I just can’t believe we’ve been friends this long. We don’t talk a lot as we used to, but whenever we do talk or meet up, it’s like we’ve never been parted. Oh, why must Guam be so far away from Korea!

But really, M., happy anniversary indeed! Now, let’s reach our 30th together now :D


  1. Aww how sweet! My bbf and I are about to reach out 10th next year. And it’s definitely those good friends where you can always call and count on, even if you never see each other.

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