Long Month

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I realise I haven’t posted here all month! Then again, there really wasn’t much for me to talk about . . .

I mean, sure, I got my Lord of the Rings Blu-ray boxset, so I’ve been enjoying that along with mangas and whatnot. But otherwise, July’s been a long month. The monsoon season of hell in Seoul didn’t help much (causing flooding and landslides), and this year’s monsoon dumped the most rain we’ve had in a century.

Yeah, it’s been long. My life is monotonously boring. All I do is go to work, come home, and go on the computer or watch movies or read mangas or something. Nothing exciting. I think summer is just making me not want to do much. I really hate this season.

Hopefully I’ll blog more in August!


  1. Oooh is it the extended version of LOTR? I really want to get the boxset for that.

  2. Damita on

    I think my life is more boring, all I do is get up do housework, watch telly, go to bed.. blah!

  3. Eeps. I heard about the catastrophic flooding in Korea… mother nature is one scary b*****.

    Haha, you’re days sound very much like mine, but I love summer because it is so warm. I hate being cold. The thought about commuting to work in the winter depresses me.

  4. Oooh, I heard about that happening in Seoul (as I have friend studying over there until later this month), I hope you were okay during all that!

    But that’s cool! I want that set myself..but I’m just low on money. One day though.

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