Queen of Weed

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Due to unnecessary complications, my family and I are staying in our current apartment. The move’s been cancelled. So while I’ve been unpacking and working, I’ve been doing a lot of weed hunting.

Weed as in dandelions, mugwort (aka artemisa, wormwood, or 쑥 [sook] in Korean), and “rabbit grass”.

I’m not sure what this rabbit grass is. That’s just what my mum calls it, and it’s not clover. It’s this one green plant that I cannot seem to find the scientific/English name of. Regardless, I went weed hunting whenever I could between work and home, and this past Sunday and on Memorial Day, I hunted down some weeds. On Memorial Day, though, I did it in Uijeongbu instead of Seoul. I hit a jackpot of dandelions and mugworts there!

Mum’s very happy with my hunts. It means more food for her, and she can have it all! I don’t mind mugwort tea and mugwort tempura, but all those bitter, green stuff she likes? Keep them away from me, please!


  1. Becca on

    being a resident of BC, I read this in a completely different way, until you said dandelions.

    • Naw, I purposely did that to make people think of the other “weed” LOL. But yeah, even I think of something completely different when I see or hear “weed” XD;

  2. Nagashiko on

    I thought weed as in . . . nevermind. LOL

    I haven’t tried any natural herbal food and drinks yet. I’ve tried some herbal tea but I’m not sure if it’s artificial or natural. ^_^

    • The implication was intentional XD;;

      I’m picky about herbal stuff, and there are some stuff my mother eats that I will not go near with a ten-inch pole . . . but I might change my mind in the future. Who knows!

  3. cynthia on

    is the dandelion bitter? you can eat dandelion greens before the flower blooms and it’s not supposed to be bitter before that. the things you learn from eating salad. :O

    • My mum just cuts the flowers off it they already bloomed and still eats them. I’m not sure how she eats it. All I know is that I don’t go near those things.

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