Things I’ve Learned About Packing

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My room is still a junkyard, but it’s slowly turning into Boxland. I swear, I feel like I’ve been packing for the last six months instead of the last week or so. During all my packing adventure, I’ve learned the following:

  1. Packing tapes and permanent markers are your best friends!
  2. Those medium or large-sized USPS priority flat-rate boxes are the perfect size to pack mangas, DVDs, and games because of their sizes. Because it’s rather “small”, I can stuff them to the max and they won’t be too heavy for me to carry. Whereas if I stuff a big box of those stuff . . . well, I’ll end up breaking a back or two while I lift them.
  3. Putting fragile, breakable items into clean, old socks is pretty much win.
  4. Being anal and packing do not go hand-in-hand at all ~_~;; I’ve given up trying to stuff only one particular thing (ie: PS2 video games only) into each boxes.
  5. Simply put, packing is an adventure . . . to hell and back again times a billion.

You know what’s sad about all this? I think I packed about twenty boxes, but I’ve a feeling I need about thirty more . . .

I am so sick of packing! Where’s Harry Potter when I need him?! I could really use him to cast Reducio and Engorgio when I bring them to the new place. And I’m the idiot who decided to move these stuff myself because I don’t trust the movers. Luckily, I can lug most of them on my own, but there are three things I need to figure out how to move by myself. Those three things are: my 32″ TV, my 24″ computer monitor, and Provo the computer. Of all the things to move, those three are something I will be physically incapable of carrying, and those three things are NOT to be touched by the movers . . . so how will I solve this dilemma?

. . . Anybody got a husband/boyfriend I can borrow for this? It’s only going to take about twenty minutes (or less!) since we’re moving right next door!


  1. UGHGHGHG. I really dislike packing things! I am not very good at…and I have no patience…not a very good combination~ Hahaha every time my room is a mess, I start daydreaming about the world of Harry Potter being real….and how I could just clean everything instantly with just one spell!
    Good luck with everything~

    • I’m not very good at packing either! But I try my best . . . and then it’s decided we’re not moving after I packed those twenty boxes. ~_~;;

  2. Damita on

    I hate packing with a passion, next time I move I’m going to pay someone to do it for me, too much stress.

    • Well, we do have people who come pack our stuff, but I don’t trust them with my stuff, so the stuff I wanted to pack myself (which is about 90% of my room), I’d feel comfortable doing myself. And, of course, after I pack about 20 boxes, I’m told we’re not moving any more.


  3. It is AMAZING how you much stuff you have once you have to pack it up. I thought I was fairly minimal until I moved! I threw out boxes and boxes of stuff and still had tons to spare. Packing is a-okay, though, compared to unpacking! Good luck!

    • Yes! I’ve had to unpack my stuff because we ended up not moving, so that was another form of hell all together. I think packing and unpacking are both equally terrible!

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