Childhood Mementos

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I’m still in the process of sorting out my belongings in my room. My room is still a junkyard, but it’s slowly transforming into “Boxland”. During my cleaning, I opened up this old shoe box that was sitting on top of my CD/DVD cabinet. I couldn’t remember what was in that box, but when I opened it, I was greeted to the few mementos I’ve kept.

These items were from the time when I owned an American Girl doll. Daddy had got me a “My American Girl Doll” for Christmas. I hadn’t wanted a Molly or a Samantha doll, but I’d got their clothes and accessories. I had so much fun dressing her up in historical or modern outfits. My friends and I’d play with her and do her hair, and everything. It’s so weird. I was such a girl back then, but now I’m the opposite. I could careless about dressing up and make-up and fashion . . . it just shows how much I’ve changed from a child to an adult.

What you see above is what’s left of my American Girl doll phase. They might seem like junk to other people, but to me, they are a representation of me, a symbolism of my childhood. I’ve kept those few things all these years, and I’m glad I did because I can use the opportunity now to take a snapshot and write a blog entry to document these memories. And I’m doing it with a heavy heart because I plan to trash them when I finish this entry. I’m just glad I stopped myself to do all this, though. I’d like to keep some memories in whatever form I can.


  1. Caity on

    Oh that is so adorable! I had Molly but the accessories were so expensive that I got the doll and then had to either make my own accessories or make due with accessories that were handmade but not made specifically for the AGD collection. Still, it’s awesome.

    • Oh, that’s brilliant you made your own stuff! I could never do that because I’m pants at arts & crafts :) That’s very creative and economical, what you did ^_^

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