Tokyopop Urgency

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I’ve got these Suikoden III mangas in the mail today. I was lucky that I found them fairly cheap. I found volume 1 to 9 on Ebay for $49.99 + $10.99 priority shipping. And Amazon had volume 10 and 11 for $9.99 each with $4.98 priority shipping. All together that cost me $85.94, which is a steal considering how it normally would cost around $120! Not to mention, these will soon be hard to find because of the circumstances written below.

By now, many are aware that Tokyopop is ceasing all US operations. That includes their Yaoi imprint Blu. :( Now the US Yaoi manga industry is short of one publishing company. Boo! I’m still reeling from this news and am very unhappy about it. This news is what triggered me to get the Suikoden III mangas. It’s strange, really. Of all the games in the Suikoden series, I have to say that Suikoden III is my least favourite, but with Konami not doing anything since Suikoden Tierkreis, I’ve been feeling utterly deprived for my favourite video game series. So deprivation and demise is what led me to get this series, filling me with a strange sense of urgency.