A Beautiful Combination

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As an anime and a video game music fan, these Antique Bakery and Distant Worlds ~ Music from Final Fantasy ~ Returning Home DVD boxsets are LOVE.

P.S. — I am not thrilled by the way they packaged the FF concert boxset, though. X_X;; There were three discs, and two of them were placed in a way they overlapped one another, but there’s nothing in the middle of the disc to hold it in place. Plus, the box was smushed because they sent it in a bubble wrap envelope instead of a box! Very bad packaging.


  1. Ugh I definitely hate bad packaging. My textbook almost got lost because the packaging was so bad that my address was almost completely ripped off the package.

  2. If it came smushed, you should probably write a complaint because they technically sent you a defect item. I wouldn’t take an item like that because by the time you actually opened the package, there’s no telling if the item inside was damaged or note. I haven’t really had any bad experiences with packaging though; most of it was pretty well packaged so I didn’t have anything to worry about.

    • Well, it wasn’t smushed to the point the discs were cracked or anything, but it’s still annoying. It worked in the end, so woot! Still, I did leave a feedback saying that they should have used a cardboard box instead of a bubble-wrap envelope. Let’s see if they listen to my suggestion in the future!

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