A Gaming Day Off

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I finally got a day off where I could just stay home and be a bum. No work, no plans to meet friends (well, I did have some plans, but it didn’t fall through), just stay home and have fun.

And what did I do? I spent it playing video games.

Final Fantasy VII (the PlayStation Network version), which I’d started on a couple of weeks ago, is my current obsession. Am about fourteen years late, but I’m playing it and enjoying it, unlike when I first tried it in high school where I couldn’t get past the first three minutes of the game.

Seriously, though, a day off like this is something I need every once in a while to regain my sanity. Spending it with Snarky the PlayStation 3 wasn’t so bad! I just wish I could do this more often!


  1. Seriously, I think I devoted a whole day to playing my PS3 during my spring break. Was trying to finish up my Assassin’s Creed II… Well, it was fun while it lasted and now I’m back at school. :(

    • Boo for school, but hurrah for gaming! I seriously need to play more actual PS3 games, though, so I can drool over the graphics and be blown away by its stunning, gorgeous quality.

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