iPod Touch Thoughts and Apps

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With my workplace finally getting Wi-Fi, I’ve decided to give this particular iPod Touch (2nd generation, 16gb) another try. I asked my dad to give it back to me since I knew he wasn’t using it. It took me three hours to fight with iTunes, but this time I was able to get the iPod to synch with iTunes. With it working, I’ve got some necessary apps and have been using it for about a week or so.

I admit, I am liking it because it’s a sanity saver — especially at work! I can check my email and stuff and not go crazy! It’s quite convenient . . . minus the following issues:

  • iTunes still sucks! I hate that and QuickTime so much! I feel like my computer has been violated with those two programmes on it ~_~;;
  • Battery life is really terrible.
  • Am so not amused the stupid case cost me $25 USD. That’s pure robbery.
  • I’ve had it . . . crash or something or another on me several times. That was not fun at all.

Otherwise, I grudgingly admit that it’s a handy thing to have where I can check email, Twitter, and etcetera. In fact, these are the apps I’m using that are very essential to my daily life!

  1. Mail App: I can check my email. Nuff said!
  2. Twitterific: I love this app . . . but the free version advertisement drove me nuts, so I opted to pay a bit to use the paid version.
  3. Kakao Talk (FREE!): This is seriously a neat app. I wish more people would use it! I just love how I can use that to contact my friends who uses Kakao Talk for free instead of using SMS on my phone. And it works for overseas users, too! One of my friends in Japan uses Kakao Talk, and I can contact her with that. Thank goodness since I was worried about her with the whole Sendai Earthquake aftermath!
  4. Feeddler RSS (FREE!): As a Google Reader user, this app comes in handy, and I really like how it comes with the “mark all as read” option! Very important for me.
  5. Daum Maps (FREE!): This app shows me the map of my home city (and I think the app is entirely in Korean). I do have a tendency to get lost, so this map will be an asset for me! What I also like about this is that it lets me know how bad the traffic are throughout the city. That really excited me!
  6. Jihachul (FREE!): The app’s name means “subway” in Korean, and this shows you all the subway maps in South Korea. As someone who uses the subway often, this really is a must-have app for me!
  7. Human Japanese: Ivy was the one who introduced me to this app, and I decided to try it out because I’m always looking for something that helps me learn and improve my Japanese skills . . . and so far I am impressed with this app! $9.99 might seem steep, but I agree wth Ivy on that it’s fairly cheap compared to all those Japanese language books out there!

So, er, yes. Honestly, I just wanted another “computer”, and my app choices pretty much tells you how I’m using this iPod Touch. I’m not using it as media device . . . that’s what my mp3 player is for. :D

Anyway, that’s my thoughts on the iPod Touch and its apps! If you’re an iPod/iPhone user, what apps do you like or recommend? I’m always curious as to what other people uses.


  1. If you don’t have a smartphone and iPod Touch is definitely very handy! Glad you liked the Human Japanese app. Can you get Whatsapp on iPod Touch? It’s a big hit with a lot my friend iPhone/Android/BB friends right now.

  2. I have an iPhone and iPad and about 20 gagillion apps. Here are my fave (games excluded)..

    – Slide Reader (it’s the most elegant RSS reader and syncs to Google)
    – Manga Rock or Manga Rock MF
    – Kindle (lots of free “classic” books, decent prices on other dl books)
    – Meebo (like Pidgin, chat client — doesn’t matter what clients your friends use)
    – The Weather Channel
    – Boxee (i have Boxee installed on my desktop, hooked up to TV)
    – Facebook
    – WordPress (for posts on the go)
    – Grocery IQ (grocery list)
    – Mint (financial tracking)
    – IOU Mooch (keep track of who I lend/borrow stuff/money)

  3. I hate to admit this, but I just use my ipod touch (1st gen) primarily for music when I’m studying or exercising. That’s about it. Maybe I’ll go online if I have wifi to check for some quick info and maps. I don’t really play any games on it and I don’t like having my email synced with it. Nor do I like posting my blog entries on it since I hate typing on a touch screen. I’m a pretty boring ipod touch user. Hahaha.

    • I go crazy at work not being able to check my email because it’s blocked :( So having this around is a godsend since it’s a sanity saver!

      But yeah, typing on the touch screen is definitely not one of my favourite things X_X;;; That’s why I just read and save the typing until I get home!

  4. When I first got my iPhone, I went just a tad crazy with apps then the next day I cleared almost all of them out leaving me with:

    – P Tracker Lite: This wonderful app keeps track of my periods for me so that I don’t have to bother counting days on the calendar or trying to remember when my last flow date was.
    – Labelbox: Puts labels on your photos. Haven’t really used it much yet, but I figured that it would be pretty useful if start to take pictures with my iPhone and post them straight on to the web (functioning as a watermark in my case). This is the only non-free app I have and that was because it was free for 24 hours.
    – WordPress/Livejournal/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr
    – Livejournal
    – Skype
    – Nook
    – Groupon (I absolutely love the deals I find here!)
    – Yelp
    – Netflix/Flixter
    – NYTimes/CNN

  5. hmm for iPhone, I have:

    google news, gizmodo.fr, mashable, facebook, whatsapp, hootsuite (twitter), ebuddy, skype…

    camera genius, pripri marron, shibuya camera…

    shazam, IMDb

    games: swipe four, tic tac toe, mewmew tower, tappi bear, tappi bear 2, cooking mama, fruit ninja, tiny wings, hot spring story

    I like how none of my apps are for productivity. only for wasting time haha

    that’s it for now :P

    • oly crap, they got Cooking Mama? O_O I played the DS version, so this just cracks me up!

      Thanks for the list! :D And I don’t see anything wrong with using the iPod as a time passer! I’d do the same, too, if I weren’t more into being able to check my email and Twitter and whatnot. :D

  6. I don’t have an iPhone/iPod or an iPad for that matter. But my dad recently bought the iPhone and iPad (because of his work, I belive) so I got to play around a little. I like them a lot, but it seems like an awfully huge price for such a..well.. you just don’t need all of the features that are provided. I’ve always had a Nokia mobilephone (gotta support the finns :P!)

  7. Great app will have to download some :)

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