Red Velvet Cupcakes

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I’ve succeeded in making red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing from scratch! Woot!

Instead of 30 cupcakes, though, I ended up making about 39 — despite what the recipe estimated. It looks nommy, though, doesn’t it? And it is! I’ve yet to try it with the icing, though. I only had one naked cupcake, and it was delicious!

Next up on my baking list . . . “Better-Than-Sex Cake”! After that, I’ve got nothing. So guys, suggest me some easy baking recipes you guys like! Just don’t suggest any layer cakes, pies, or anything fancy where I’ll go crazy :D


  1. Cream cheese icing is the best!

    How about truffles? My friend has an easy recipe with like 4 ingredients:

  2. Wow, they look SO awesome. Red velvet cupcakes are probably one of my top ten favourite desserts ever. They look absolutely amazing.

    • Thanks! <333 I’m glad they turned out well! If you’re ever around me, I’ll make you some. :D

  3. That looks so good!!! There’s a restaurant that serves very good red velvet cake here. Love it! As for cake recommendations… one order STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE pls! :)

    Recipe here:

  4. OMG! They look yummy!

  5. Ooh! I love Red Velvet cake! I’m not a huge fan of it with any other icing except a LIGHT layer of chocolate/chocolate fudge icing, though. I don’# have recipe ideas at the moment, but the Better-Than-Sex-Cake is pretty good. :)

    • I think that’d be a chocolate overkill for me! I think the cream cheese icing is great with it, but to each their own! ^_^

  6. Hey if you’re really into cooking which it seems like you are! You might wanna check this out :

    Whenever we get a working stove I’m gonna try that! I told my boyfriend about it and he said it sounded good. So I might cook it for him and his dad sometime. We did buy strawberries and white chocolate chips but we didn’t get a chance to make them on Monday night, we all 3 were pooped out. But hopefully they will last until I come back and visit him again. But right now I’m kinda sick. If the strawberries don’t stay fresh until I come back we’ll get more, and than I’ll cook the chocolate covered strawberries for them. That is also another recipe you can try chocolate covered strawberries what you do is :

    1 Hershey chocolate bar
    1 pan

    Directions : Melt the chocolate (or whichever you prefer to use), into the pan, and wait until it’s all done melting (basically you want it to look like glue), dip your strawberries into the chocolate and twirl around until you get the desired look of how much chocolate you want on them. Place the strawberries upside down (where the green leaf is at), and set in the fridge for approx. 5 minutes or less or until the chocolate hardens. And voila you got yourself chocolate covered strawberries :). Pretty snazzy huh?

  7. Ooh, those look yummy! I see that you’ve been in a little bit of a baking frenzy? :P Easy things that I bake… basically, good ol’ fashioned chocolate chip cookies and double fudge brownies; super easy but they’re the best!

    I don’t know, sex is pretty good; I don’t know how you can make a cake that’s BETTER than that. If you can, send me a slice over here! :D

    • I’ll send you a virtual slice! :D It’s chocolate cake which is poked in several places with butterscotch filling, topped with whip cream and crushed toffee on top. I think that really fits the name. :D

  8. Thanks! It’s all one sentence, actually. I forgot what kind, though.

  9. Georgia Kate on

    Those cakes look gorgeous. Can I please steal one? xD

    You could try making a roulade, or something like that. I cook lots of puddings but not anything you’re looking for… though you could always make eclairs, that’s great fun and they taste gorgeous:

    I’m curious about this ‘Better-Than-Sex’ cake.

    I should cook something soon… I think I might make banana bread tomorrow~

    Take care! xx

    • Better-Than-Sex Cake is just chocolate cake which is poked in several places with butterscotch filling, topped with whip cream and crushed toffee on top. I tried it when somebody bought it to work, and it was SO GOOD.

      Thanks for the recipe suggestion~ I’ll look into it one day!

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