Tara’s So-Called Ghoraibi (Almond Butter Cookie)

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I, the amateur pâtissière, am on the roll with the baking craze! Speaking of baking, I really need to invest in a stand mixer! My poor arms does not enjoy mixing anything!

I found this ghoraibi recipe, and I decided to try it . . . with a lot of modifications.

My commissary didn’t have any blanched almonds (I keep seeing it as diamonds! Talk about a rich cookie!), so I just bought regular whole almonds.

I didn’t chill the dough and cut it into diamond shapes. I just made the dough, took a glop, rolled it in my hands, flattened it, and put an almond in the centre. See?

My two batches were baked at 300F for about 13-15 minutes. Those cookies tasted rather . . . undone. So for my final batch, I baked it at 350F for about 13 minutes. Those came out much, much better! SO NOMMY.

So thus ends the story of my half-fail-and-successful attempt at making ghoraibi. Frankly, I’m not sure if this is ghoraibi any more! I think this is more of an almond butter cookie now!


  1. Oh yum I love cookies like that and I also love almonds! They definitely LOOK good!

  2. i tried to make this but they looked uncooked, but i coudent cook them anymore because my oven was broken and i used my sons schools oven so now its kind of a browny sweet dough hahaha

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