Busy President’s Day Weekend

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*collapses and clings onto Provo the computer* What a weekend! One of the best three-day weekend I’ve had in a long time! Oh, why, oh, why must it end?! Here’s a recap of my adventures, starting on Friday night after work!

Friday ~ Going, Going, Going
I was supposed to meet my friend Dongmi after work at seven. Well, she said to meet at Namyeong Station by 8:30. I bummed around and got pizza at Pizza hut before I got a ride with my parents to the area. While I waited, I got some coffee at Holly’s Coffee, but I was then told by her to come to Jongno 5-ga. I took the subway, was almost at Jongno 5-ga, and was told to just come to Seongbuk Station. She and I hung around at this Korean HOF (a Korean pub) and I met her publisher friend, a Mr Jang. I got a signed copy of Dongmi’s book, and we spent the night having fun.

We left around midnight. Dongmi and I shared a cab all the way to my neighbourhood. Once there, I stopped by Noxa, my friends’ restaurant, and I had a fuzzy navel there. I was rather ambushed by a pretty drunk Scottish guy (Dave was his name) wanting to talk about Korean culture and cultural identity confusion. Despite his drunkenness, it was a fairly interesting conversation. Unfortunately, I had to jet home, so I came home by 1:30am!

Saturday ~ Indian, Hell Beans, Wine, and Gravitation
I was to meet another friend, Yi Unnie for the day. Before that, though, I made more cookies. I rushed through them and set aside to give some to Yi Unnie and the gang at Noxa. I gave the cookies, and Yi Unnie and I went to Taj Palace in Itaewon to have the weekend buffet there. We recovered our poor stomachs by resting at Hell Beans. We then backtracked to Noxa, and we shared this bottle of wine. I’m not a big wine fan, but I ended up liking that one! With that and a complimentary cheese platter, she and I had a fun time drinking and talking.

When we parted, I came home and I decided to finally read my Gravitation mangas I’ve bought like three or four years ago! I read about six volumes before I crashed at 6am the next morning.

Sunday ~ Gravitation Marathon
I, er, woke up at 3pm. Er, yay! I then proceeded to finish the rest of my Gravitation mangas. Boy, I’m glad I finished. It was fun, I admit, but Shuichi and Yuki’s dysfunctional relationship just about made me want to throw the whole series out my window. This is one of those rare case where I think I prefer the anime over the manga. Sure, the manga has a better backstory, but I think seeing the characters come alive in animation is better than the manga. The pacing of the manga series was just really awful for me. But I finished it finally! Hurrah! Next on my to-read list I need to tackle — Death Note!

Unfortunately, Gravitation fanfictions are distracting me!

Monday ~ Incheon Adventure

A few weeks ago, Joe — one of my Noxa buddies — and I agreed to go to Incheon. We went by his car, and I got to see Sinpo-dong, Chinatown, tried these Chinese baked bread, had awesome udon (udong in Korean) and mandoo, and went to Wolmido. There we rode one of those 4-D movies thingie and then we had coffee on the “boardwalk”. It was a very fun day, minus the traffic we encountered (it took ten minutes to travel 1km for a good twenty minutes!). I ended up liking Incheon. It’s a city like Seoul, but it felt different. More relaxing, I think. I wouldn’t mind visiting Incheon again! My only regret? I didn’t go on that ferris wheel! I will next time!

I remembered to take my camera to take pictures, but my batteries weren’t exactly charged, so I didn’t really get to take a lot! Boo!

I wish I didn’t have to resume work tomorrow! Boo, poo, and a box and a pox on it all!


  1. Wow, sounds like a much more productive 3-day weekend than mine. And I hate it when I need to take pictures, but my camera isn’t charged.

  2. Sounds like a great time! I’m glad you had fun! I’m not a big wine fan but whenever there is cheese involved (especially free cheese) I’m there. I love cheese! That picture of the ferris wheel is so pretty!

    • Hee! I’m not a wine fan either, but that wine wasn’t so bad at all! ^^

      And I’m pleased with the ferris wheel picture, too. The angle was great . . . but that darn monorail track got in my way LOL.

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