Double Chocolate Dream Cookies

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My friend made these double chocolate dream cookies and shared the recipe with me. Here’s a copy of the recipe online. Anyway, I was inspired into a baking mood, and I was in a mood for chocolate cookies, so I decided to give this a try.

I conned Daddy to go to the commissary after work today. That in itself was an adventure. Boy I had a hard time finding that stupid baking soda! Then I pondered on what “packed brown sugar” was before deciding to just buy a pack of brown sugar that looked . . . packed. Finally, I had no idea which baking chocolate I had to use! I didn’t know if I had to get the Nestle baking chocolate bars or Hershey’s Cocoa (I would have gotten the Nestle Tollhouse baking cocoa, but the commissary didn’t have any.). I ended up choosing the latter, and luckily some random customer heard me asking Daddy which is the baking cocoa, and he confirmed it for me.

After dinner, I prepared my dough . . . with some problems. The flour mixture and the sugars kept flying everywhere, I didn’t have any idea how many minutes to soften that butter in the microwave (ended up doing 40 secs), and mixing the dough became very problematic since I was doing everything manually. I was wishing for an electronic mixer! Luckily, Mummy helped me mix it until it was nice and creamy looking. I tweaked the ingredients a bit — I only used half a bag of the chocolate chips and I added a bit of vegetable oil since it looked like the dough was getting rather dry and a pain to mix as I added the flour mixture!

Then came my favourite part — rolling the dough up into little balls :D I know many people just spoon it onto the baking pan, but I don’t like how it comes out fugly. Years ago, I discovered that the little balls made the cookies come out nice and round, so I rolled those buggers and ta-dah! It came out pretty! ^_^

After finishing the first batch, I took the plate to Mummy, told her to to take one, and she did. Then I took the plate to Daddy, and thus the funniest incident happened.

Me: Daddy, take one.
Daddy: ONE?! *gives a dirty look and takes one*
Me: Yes . . . ?
Daddy: *takes two more*
Me: *bursts out laughing for a good five minutes*
Daddy: Shut up! Don’t mention this to your mother!
Me: *walks out of the room like a hyena*

Well, that’s my cookies adventure for the night! Am real pleased it came out nice! Woot!


  1. Yum! Cookies sound so good right now!

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