Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

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I’ve beaten Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, a game I’d been looking forward to ever since I heard Takumi Shu was going to be developing it. Mr Takumi is the same guy who created the Gyakuten Saiban/Kenji (Ace Attorney series), so as a fan, I’d waited forever to play it. And now that I did, here’s my review. You can read my NokoNoko review here.

The Goods
– Inspector Cabanela character was brilliant.
– So was the game’s Chessmaster and the game’s “scapegoat”.
– The plot was intriguing and some of the twists were unexpected.
– The game-play was captivating for about the first couple of hours. Afterwards, it became very repetitive.
– Odd character designs, but it slowly grew on me.
– I was amused by the phallic hairstyle or head in the games. Very amused.

The Bads
– The actual game-play can be very frustrating. I did not enjoy the stress I received because of the game’s time limitation!
– Very short game. Probably about 8-10 hours.
– Most of the characters didn’t really appeal or charmed me.
– Really low re-play value. Unlike the Phoenix Wright games or whatever, which I re-play on occasion because it’s like going back to a good book or film, I cannot see myself re-playing Ghost Trick at all.

The Uglies
– The game’s soundtrack was bland. Except for the PANIC PANIC music that plays when you’re running out of time, I cannot remember any of the other tunes. In fact, as I try to remember them right now, a track from the Miles Edgeworth game is attacking me instead!
– Really, this game just didn’t quite hit it with me. It had the potential and everything, but it was lacking something very important.

Needless to say, I wish I could have just rented this game. I didn’t feel like this was worth $29.95, and it was lacking that OOMPH. Hm. Maybe I’ll do an Amazon trade-in. Though, I will miss Inspector Cabanela!


  1. Interesting. I might try it out since I do love the Ace Attorney series.

    • I like Ace Attorney series, too, but this was pretty disappointing. : / But who knows! You might like it better than I did :D

  2. Hmm, US$29.95 for only 8-10 hours and little replay value… not good. :/

    I’ve only read the story on Wiki and looked at the screenshots; it didn’t feel like my type of game even though I usually love puzzle games. But yeah, like I said on Twitter, I don’t even own a DS. :P

    • I love my DS, but I feel like the game selection for the DS is more quantity over quality. So many worthless games out there on the market. X_X;;;

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