Magical Filmgasm

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I’ve had Snarky the PlayStation 3 and Blackbeard the TV for over a month now. I’ve been doing some awesome gaming and watching DVD movies with them, but I haven’t watched a Blu-ray movie yet to experience the wonderfulness . . . yet. That’s about to change, though.

Today, I went to the PX to pick up Ghost Trick (a DS game) and Dogma for $14.95.

ANNNNND, this smexy, smexy thing arrived in the mail today for me! I admit, I am NOT a big fan of the Harry Potter films, but I’ve managed to get this for free! From the discounted price of $68.49, I applied a $35 Amazon gift card, and I had a bonus $40 on my Amazon credit card . . . so combined those together, I’ve got a splendid consummation!

Like I said, I am ready for some magical filmgasm! . . . After I beat this one game. XD