Winter Vacation 2010

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I’ve been neglecting this blog. Bad, Tara-Chan! I did have a good excuse, though. My first two weeks of 2011 had me getting ready for my vacation from January 16 to 23 . . . so, er, yeah.

Today I went back to work (never mind the fact that I was robbed of a snow day today . . . ) after a nice vacation. My only complaints? Too short! I was busy, busy, busy and then I was . . . relaxy, relaxy, relaxy. Here’s a breakdown of my vacation.

January 16 (Sunday)
Seriously, I stayed home ALL DAY, and I re-played Gyakuten Saiban IV, aka Apollo Justice. How’s that for relaxing?

January 17 (Monday)
I went to Sillim-dong area to meet Chon-unnie, my former co-worker. This is a part of Seoul I’ve never ventured out to before, so yay for seeing new places. After that, I came back to Yongsan to pick up my bus ticket for tomorrow’s adventure.

January 18 (Tuesday)
This was a busy day! I had to go do a commissary errand with Daddy first, and then I rode the bus to Camp Casey. It took two hours and it cost me 6,000 won ($6.10). There, I met one of my former co-workers, Dongmi, but first I had to take a taxi to her place, and then we took a taxi back to Bosan Station area. There, we went to this western bar called Zulu to have some dinner, and I tried their garlic chicken thingie and their strawberry cooler, a yummy soju cocktail! Then we moved to a “soju house”. I abstained from alcohol and just had Mountain Dew using a soju glass. Later, another former co-worker, Tommy, joined us.

After a couple more hours of hanging out, I went back to Seoul by riding the subway at Jihaeng Station, and I rode line #1 all the way to Namyeong Station. That only took an hour and ten minutes, and it cost about 1,700 won ($1.80). Now that was much better than the bus! Once I got home, I helped my mum prepare my birthday meal for tomorrow.

January 19 (Wednesday)
Well, how’s this for a birthday morning? I stayed up until 8:30 am playing a PC game. *dies* I woke up by 1:00 pm, and I had my birthday meal, including the traditional seaweed soup Koreans eat on their birthdays. Oh, and I got some moola! My auntie gave me 100,000 won (about $100) and Mummy gave me 50,000 won (about $50). After that, I just relaxed with my video games until the evening where I went to Noxa to hang out with my restaurant buddy. When I came home later, my best friend in Guam called me. What a lovely birthday present.

January 20 (Thursday)
That day, I met up with another former co-worker, Yi-unnie. As a belated-birthday get-together, she bought me cake! It was nommy. We chilled at Noxa and caught up on our gossips. Afterwards, I went to chop off 10 centimetres of my hair and had my fringe trimmed for 10,000 won ($10). Then we went to Uhjjoogoori, this chain HOF, in my neighbourhood for dinner and drinks. It was a fun night. :D

January 21 (Friday)
I rode the KTX to Daejeon that day. Long story short, it was a waste of a trip. Woot. I had some pick-me-ups at Noxa. Those espresso martinis are damn addicting LOL.

January 22 & 23 (Saturday & Sunday)
For two whole days, I was an anti-social bum. I just stayed home and watched movies, read mangas, or played video games. I do not regret spending the last part of my vacation like this. Nope. I do not!

All in all, it was a good vacation. I desperately needed some time off. :D


  1. When I saw that it was $6.10 for a two hour ride, I thought “Hey, that’s pretty cheap!” since it costs me about $25 for a two hour train ride to San Francisco. And that’s just one-way. Sooo expensive. But I guess public transportation is better and cheaper for you over there.

  2. Glad you had a good vacation! Money is always a nice gift. Then you can get whatever you want XD I think it’s nice to just stay at home and be lazy once in a while. Sometimes I prefer that than going out!

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