2010 Review

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Another year is ending. Time really flies, and I’m always amazed by it. I’m also amazed by all the stuff that had happened to me in a single year. There were many days when nothing really special had happened, where it was just a monotonous day of me going to work, messing around on the Internet, and doing one of my hobbies. I always try to document something unusual in my daily routines, and it’s fascinating to see just what accumulates in a year!

Below, I’ve summarised my year by months. No, I do not have great memory. A lot of these are events I’ve blogged about that has happened to me outside my Internet life, so I’ve skimmed through all my entries in 2010 to compile this list. I do this because I like being organised and I like having a summary laid out before me. So without further ado, here’s my review of 2010.

* Had a five-day weekend (including two snow days) due to getting a bunch of snow, the most since like the early 1900s!
* Enjoyed my winter vacation, where I turned 25 . . . X_X;;
* Did a lot of fanfic writing this month!
* Got my first HPV vaccination shot and a new cellphone called Ceru!

* Continued to write a lot of fanfics this month.
* Got a WiBro (this wi-fi modem service) for my netbook, which caused my sound driver to act weirdly.
* Became really hooked on Google Chrome as my main browser.
* Attended the Distant Worlds (music from Final Fantasy) concert and was enthralled.
* Finally put up a new layout for Insidious Disquisition (my HP Fanfic site).
* After five months, I got my MP3 player back and other crap from a so-called dickhead.
* Was addicted to watching the figure skating competition at the Winter Olympics — was totally rooting for Kim Yu-Na, Patrick Chan, and Johnny Weir!
* Solved my netbook’s sound problem!

* Capriccio celebrated its fifth anniversary with a new layout and a special rotation.
* Suffered from blogential angst XD;;
* Played and completed Gyakuten Kenji aka Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth.
* The infamous Jeremy Crawford IMed me. It was not a pleasant experience.
* Ate at this Middle Eastern restaurant in Itaewon with a friend, and we confused the host there.
* Tired of having black hair, I had my roots dyed.
* Was itching to travel somewhere . . . so was stuck between Tokyo and Washington D.C.!

* PWNED these middle school students in karaoke at work.
* My friend Stitch came to visit Korea for a week.
* While hanging out with Stitch, we discovered Disco Jump. Holy hell, that was a painful experience.
* Started to re-learn how to knit.
* Knitted my first scarf for my grandmother!

* Started my first fest for HP fandom and finished quite a few fics!
* Took another mini-vacation.
* Highlighted my hair to be “illegally blonde”.
* My beloved bunny, Grumpy, had gone to the happy bunny land this month. I was truly heartbroken.

* Finished another scarf for a co-worker.
* Found my mother this nail file she wanted and ordered them for her.
* Daddy and I had another yaoi conversation XD;;
* Was addicted to the World Cup!
* Celebrated Korea’s first win at Noxa with Johnnie Walker Black!
* Finished a scarf for my teddy bear!
* Had the worse false alarm in the world where I thought my daddy was suffering from a heart attack.
* Made version 25 for my domain!
* Moved my HP fanfiction site and converted it to WordPress.

* Finished a scarf for my best friend.
* Met Ms Bizarro for a fun night out!
* Also met Katy and her boyfriend and hung out with them a few times. It was a blast!
* Applied for this clerical job and had an interview with no luck.
* Work was pretty much hell for me this month.
* Ordered five anime series boxset when Amazon had this big sale.
* Was addicted to Persona 3 Portable.
* Had my final HPV shot.

* Contacted SWS about a certain situation and even had a meeting with them later.
* James Dean was the object of my affection this month.
* Stupid cab driver took me to the wrong stop. Grrr. I think he misheard me on purpose.
* Went shoe shopping.
* Beat Persona 3 Portable as the guy and decided to re-play it as a girl.
* Bought new pair of glasses that cost me 55,000 won.
* Had a really shitty time at work again for a couple of weeks.
* Made a couple of new friends at work. I love my new Unnies!
* Finished another scarf — this time for Mummy.
* Gifted Daddy this Victorinox Swiss Army watch as his birthday present.

* Typhoon Kompasu did some damage to Seoul, causing us to have two typhoon days!
* Daddy gave me permission to visit Tokyo in October!
* Watched The Outsiders and fell in love with it.
* Requested leave which was approved and booked my vacation to Tokyo!
* Spent a lot of this month planning for my Tokyo trip.
* Seoul suffered from flash flooding, which made my workplace close early.
* Decided to re-read the entire Animorphs series. Which I pretty much did before I went to Tokyo in October.
* Finished a scarf for my friend in Japan.

* Discovered that there’s a difference between SD and SDHC cards. Bugger!
* Started knitting an afghan for Daddy.
* Was very unhappy with the credit union merger!
* Went to Tokyo and enjoyed what’s perhaps the best week of my life!
* Met Pastles, Caroline Lamb, Yurie-san, Elizabeth, and Ahmio in Tokyo!
* Made ugly mandoos!

* Work exhausted and stressed me out.
* Had to suffer through the credit union hell. Not pleasant.
* Tonsillitis came and tortured me!
* North Korea attacking that island made me worry.
* Started to debate on getting a PlayStation 3 or a Blu-Ray player.
* Sent out my Christmas cards (and suffered from the sparklies getting all over the place). All 62 of them, including two packages.
* First snow of 2010-11 winter — it came earlier than usual.
* Was told to get five shots. Ugh!
* Got my new credit card, but not my debit card, and applied for a new credit card with Amazon.

* Tried vegemite for the first time ever. Daddy ending up loving it the most.
* Got those five shots . . . the MMR booster hurt the most!
* Had a very unpleasant situation with Facebook disabling my account on the basis that I was using a fake name. They’d wanted me to send them private documents to verify my real name. I stood my ground and told them I felt like I was a victim of racial profiling, and they apologised and re-enabled my account.
* “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” got repealed. SO HAPPY.
* Worried about North Korea’s reaction to South Korea’s military drills.
* Was greeted by a new TV (named Blackbeard) and a PlayStation 3 (named Snarky) from Daddy! Hooray for HDMI gaming and movie watching!
* Started playing Eternal Sonata for the PlayStation 3. Am in love with that game!
* Had a lovely snow day — an extra day off from work!


  1. Happy 2011! Looks like you’ve had quite a year!

  2. Happy new year girl! I hope you had a good Christmas too, though I am clearly exceptionally late. I dropped by just to see how you were going but it seems that you haven’t posted recently.

    Ahh, Vegemite! I crave. I haven’t had it in a long time, and I quite like it. :3

    Happy 2011, hope it has some good surprises in store. <3

  3. Wow what a year! I remember a lot of these things. :)

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