Seoul Snow Day!

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Seoul got a lot of snow (well, not a lot compared to what Europe and the United States gets, but it’s enough) for a snow day at my workplace. I’m not complaining! Nope, no way!

However, instead of sleeping in like I wanted to, joy and excitement had overcome me, so I decided to go out and take pictures of the white stuff. Unfortunately, it’s dry snow, so I couldn’t make a snowball or anything. At least it still crunched nicely when I stepped on it!


  1. Wah, the snow looks so pretty! We don’t really get snow where I live unfortunately. I kind of miss it!

  2. How pretty!! Snow day is better than any normal day!

  3. Pretty!!!!! I miss snow.

  4. Beautiful photos!!

  5. Yay! Snow day! Great pictures!

  6. I don’t know what it is but every single time it snows in Seoul, it snows in Seattle too. I mean I know they’re like sister cities or something but I swear every time you post snow pics, it was snowing here too!

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