Snarky and Blackbeard

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I am pleased to present the one and only Snarky the PlayStation 3 and the noble Blackbeard the TV.

The Royal Daddy of the TC Kingdom helped me set up the monstrous Blackbeard with a few troubles along the way. I, the clumsy fool, had almost lost the screws to hook up Blackbeard to the stand. Luckily, though, the tiny screws were found. While the wonderful Daddy set up the TV, I cleaned up that area, took out my DVD player, and moved everything to the left since all the inputs were on Blackbeard’s left side . . .

Once Blackbeard got up, then it was Snarky’s turn. I had the loveliest time setting all that up! And when the screen came on, and I saw 1080p, I squealed and was going through an orgasmic delight at the magnificent picture quality. Then I had fun registering at the PSN . . . and now I’m done! :D

Unfortunately, I still have a lot of cleaning to do . . . otherwise I’d get more acquainted with these two noble creatures. *sighs* Priorities, man, priorities!


  1. Yay for setting up new toys! Have fun with them XD I just set up my PS3 too.

  2. Cool! Yay for new electronics! :D

  3. Merry Christmas and I hope you have fun with them.

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