Holy TV and PS3!

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I come home, and I do what I usually do — bypass my room and go straight for the computer room to turn the computer on. I see I’ve got some mail and an HDMI cable that made me go WHA? I went to my daddy and asked him what it’s for, and he said, “Don’t you need it?”

Utterly confused, I said, “What for? I don’t have any HDMI thing, and my TV doesn’t have any HDMI output! I don’t need this.” See, what happened was I discovered about a week ago that my TV isn’t HDMI compatible, so I was thinking about getting a new TV in conjunction to a PlayStation 3. I called Daddy this morning to ask if he was going to go to the PX, and if he was, I asked him to check the TV prices. He said, “I’m not buying another TV! We’ll talk about it tonight.”

Well, after that baffling HDMI cable conversation, I went to my room to drop my stuff off, and I was greeted by this.


Daddy followed me into the room and said, “Do you still think you don’t need that cable?”

“Well, I guess? But I thought we were going to talk about this now.”

Daddy’s response was a “I changed my mind”.

Wow, just, WOW. This is a spectacular Christmas/birthday present. Just . . . I’ll need ten thousand adjectives to describe my current state of mind and my gratitudes towards Daddy! SQUEEEEEEEEE!


  1. WOW! :O

  2. Wow, what a nice surprise! Have lots of fun with those XD

  3. Omg, connecting the PS3 with the HDMI cable makes the graphics so much better. I had a new flat screen but I didn’t use an HDMI cable to connect my PS3 with it until later. I hope you enjoy your new TV and PS3. I highly recommend Assassin’s Creed!

  4. Wow that is so awesome!!! :D

  5. SWEEET! I second the Assassin’s Creed recommendation — tho I like 2 better than 1. Also Drake’s Fortune 2. Also Resident Evil 5. Let me know your tag and we can play online!!!

    P.S. — new domain -__-; sorry to keep changing it on you. Blog will be moved sometime soon.

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