A Tiger’s Wedding

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Seoul’s weather today was weird. It would snow, stop, snow, stop, rain, stop, snow/rain, stop, rain, stop, HAIL, stop, and snooooow. But we haven’t accumulated much snow on the ground with its schizo goodness. I came home and told my mum that the weather was driving me crazy. The following amusing conversation occurred:

Me: What’s with this crazy weather?
Mum: 호랑이가 장가 간다 (The tiger’s going to get married — some random phrase my mum says. Not sure if it’s a real Korean saying or if it’s a Mum thing.).
Me: What?
Mum: The tiger’s getting married. That’s why the weather’s like this.
Me: *goes to Daddy* Mum says this weather’s is crazy because the tiger’s going on a wedding.
Daddy: What? *frowns in confusion*
Me: That’s what Mum says! She says the weather’s like this because the tiger’s going on a wedding here.
Daddy: Well, I hope it goes somewhere else!

This is a prime example of my parent’s humour and how two culture can actually come together and be FUNNY.


  1. Haha that’s cute. My parents can feed off each other like that and I always get such a kick out of it.

  2. How cute!

  3. I’m guessing there is that saying in Korean… which still doesn’t explain anything. :P

    • Me neither. I guess a tiger’s wedding is . . . strange, so whenever something strange happens weather-wise, that saying comes out? I dunno! XD;;;;

  4. aww that’s cute XD
    I actually understand that saying and no, i’m not a mother O_o I think the saying has to do with a fictional(?) story.
    :3 it was nice reading your blog btw, not sure if I’ve commented before in the past, but I’ve visited a couple of times before lol

    • Thanks for commenting! :D I appreciate it!

      And it might has to do with a story . . . just not sure what story! I’ll have to look up on this to satisfy my curiosity, now! :D

  5. I miss Seoul! Does it get really cold there in the winter?

    • Oh, yes! It can go down to -10C at times! Of course that’s nothing compared to say . . . Alaska, but it does get cold at times — especially when the wind blows!

      And I miss you and Trieu! :D Come back here, LOLOLOL.

      If you ever want something from Seoul, let me know, and I’ll try my best to find it! <3

  6. Oh wow, that sounds like a really early winter for the beginning of December! I heard Busan still has pretty nice weather.

    That’s really funny though! I’ve never heard of the saying before.

    • I’ve heard it a lot before, but it never struck me as funny until then :D And yeah, I think Busan’s warmer than Seoul XD;;;

  7. ‘Allo, randomly blog hopping… I’ve only heard about the fox getting married when it rains while the sun is out, I imagine it’s something along those lines. Little folktales that people pick up over time. :)

    • Yeah, I think a lot of cultures has a similar saying, judging by the feedbacks I’ve been getting XD;;; It’s just amusing to me, though :D

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