First Snow of 2010-2011 Winter!

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It’s . . . it’s snowing. In Seoul.

And it’s not even December.

Holy crap! It’s almost 10:00pm, but I’m so going out after I post this! I’ve gotta do my first-snow-of-the-year dance! :D :D :D

What is it about snow that turns me into a kid? :D


  1. I am not a snow person… it means that it is cold and that there were will road hazards. I am very much a summer person. I don’t like the rain either. I just want the yellow sun in a clear blue sky with a couple of soft white clouds ^^


      Mostly because I hate Korean summer because it’s RAINY and god-awfully HUMID. The worst combination in my opinion!

      But I do tolerate the cold pretty well, so winter never really bothered me. :D

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