SD vs. SDHC?! WTF.

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I learned something new today. I learned that there are SD cards AND SDHC cards.

Until today, I had no idea SDHC cards even existed. So therefore, I learned something new. Good, right? NOT. I wished I’d learned this fact before I accidentally bought a 4gb SD-SODDING-HC card for my camera today!

Does the bugger work on my camera? NO.

Does it work on my parents’ newer camera? YES.

Did I just waste $15? ABSOLUTELY.

Therefore, camera owners who aren’t that familiar with hardware (LIKE ME), beware of what freaking memory card you buy! Make sure you buy one that’s compatible with your camera! *fumes and sulks*


  1. Ah, yes. At least now you know!

  2. Aw, that totally sucks.

  3. Right… I think the newer cameras are compatible with both. At least mine is… I think…

  4. Can’t you return it?

  5. Oh no! Well, at least it wasn’t TOO expensive. I had to deal with the SD/SDHC thing when I bought a new R4 card for Chris. The more you know, I guess.

    • ??? R4 uses that? I thought R4 uses mini-SD cards? Unless there’s a mini SDHC card I’m not aware of XD;;

  6. Oh yes. I was lucky enough to buy the right card for my camera. Not knowing much about the differences of the cards but the instructions said SDHC and I was like “..oh well, ok then”. :) Sorry about your “loss”.

    • Well, see, the camera I have was originally my dad’s, so I never really looked at that boxes or the manual . . . LOL. Oh well.

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