Muddy Waters of Doom

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Man, oh, man. Two snow days, two typhoon days, and now a FLOOD DAY?! I swear, in all my life living in Seoul and being part of the US base there, I’ve never encountered this many weather problems until this year!

I mean, it’s bizarre! Seoul already had more rain this year than ever, and when it was raining practically two weeks straight last month (but it would be on and off during the day), it never flooded. Until today that is. The torrential rain didn’t start until about 1:00pm today, and by 3:30, the floods were all over Yongsan area. We were told to send the kids home at my workplace, and we closed early due to the terrible flood.

Poor me had to walk home for about forty minutes (usually takes me less, but the flood didn’t help!), and let’s just say having water above my ankles weren’t pleasant. Not to mention a leaky umbrella. ~_~;; My biggest worries were A) I’d get struck by lightning and B) I’d get floated away . . . luckily neither happened!

On my way, I passed by the bowling alley/rec centre area. That area’s prone to flooding. I remember several years ago, it was pretty bad . . . but I think today’s takes the cake! Here are the pictures to prove it!

USAG Yongsan Facebook Page Photo Album
USAG Yongsan Flickr Album
IMCOM-Korea Flickr Album

And this happened on the first day of Chuseok — Korean version of Mid-Autumn Festival. Talk about good luck, eh?


  1. So I’m not the only one who’s noticed so many weather problems this year. Though I noticed here it rained for the entire month of June last year, though there wasn’t any flooding.

    Happy Chuseok =)

    • Thanks :D And yeah, it’s just been a wet year in Korea ~_~;;; I hope next year isn’t as wet and yucky!

  2. First I need to get this out of my system: OMG! Your site name is Aigoo chamna! My mom’s Korean, so aigoo is said quite a bit in the house. XD

    I wasn’t aware of any major flooding in the area. We don’t get a lot news about Korea where I live unfortunately. That’s not a great start to Chuseok, I hope everything gets better soon!

    • LOLOL. I love it when people realises what my blog name means and what language it’s from! It’s an awesome phrase. :D

      And yeah, it was a horrible start to Chuseok, but luckily it stopped raining hard after that one day!

  3. All of that water needs to come to California, but only at night when I’m sleeping so I don’t have to go to class in the rain. The state is always on fire and we’re still in the drought for several years now. Too many people overwatering their green lawns and not enough rain. Well, I’m glad you’re okay though. Time for you to get some cute rainboots.

    • I agree. I don’t mind the rain as long as I don’t have to walk out in it! When I’m at home, it can rain all it wants.

      And dude, if I could send you rain to Cali, I would. We had way too much this year~!

  4. Oh man, that does not look like fun… I think this year is weird weather-wise all over the world = We got snowed in during January and had to tunnel our way to the supermarket XD. Hope it’ll get better soon =)

  5. Urgh. That is awful weather. We just went through a typhoon, but it wasn’t bad, just a lot of rain and cooler weather where I live. Worse closer up by the ocean though. But wow, from snow, to typhoon to flood. Ouch. And weird. Didn’t think there would be typhoons after snow. But well, there you go. Lol.

    • Well, the snow happened in January, typhoon and flood both happened in September. I was just listing all the weird weather problems Korea faced all this year so far. XD;;;; It would be simply mind-boggling if we had a typhoon in January, though.

  6. I hope you didn’t get rained out of Chuseok! Maybe it’s time to invest in some really good rainboots. There have to be some cute ones.

    • I don’t like boots period, so I never bothered investing in rainboots. Besides, in some areas, the water level would have come up to my chest . . . if I’d had any need to go in that area, and then a rainboot wouldn’t help! XD;;;

  7. Well I’m glad you didn’t get struck by lightning or blown away! That is some crazy weather for sure!

  8. Woah the weather is crazy! I didn’t even know there was weather like that since the weather here is either sun or rain. No snow :(

    Ugh :( I hate getting my feet wet especially in rain. It’s so unpleasant and gross.

    Happy Chuseok :) I hope the weather gets better!

    • It is unpleasant and gross. Not to mention, your feet turning pruny. Yuuuuuuuuck. I hate that feeling!

      And the weather got better . . . but it got cool way too suddenly, so it’s been freezing for my summer-tuned body for the last week! Thankfully, I’m getting used to the lower temperatures. :D

  9. Sorry ’bout the weather – over here its been obnoxiously nice. (No, I can’t spell obnoxious, but Google can!)

    That picture of the bowling alley brings back crazy memories. :) Many a Sunday spent there.

    • XD Glad to hear you’ve got good weather there!

      And yeah the bowling alley brings back many memories for me, too. Mostly Friday nights memories where I would wait there while my parents bowled or Saturday morning youth bowling leagues!

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