A Dangerous Compass

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Typhoon Kompasu hit Seoul while I was asleep. Since I’m a heavy sleeper, I didn’t hear the winds flapping around here . . . though my mother assured me that it was very strong.

I’m not sure how bad the damages are all over Seoul, but I know Yongsan had a bunch of debris and trees lying around. Apparently, there’s no power there, too. As for my area . . . I took a few pictures.

I have to say, I’m glad the damages were minimal in my area. I’ve talked to a co-worker, and she told me her flat’s outside windows broke. MEEP. I hope it doesn’t rain tonight for her sake. X_X;;

I had no work today, and it’s looking like there will be no work tomorrow as well. Looks like the power at Yongsan will not be restored until early Saturday. Earlier this year we had two snow days, an unusual occurrence. This time we have two typhoon days. Now that’s a first in my lifetime!


  1. Yikes. Yeah, we’re supposed to be hit by a hurricane this weekend, but it shouldn’t be too bad. Just kind of the tail end of it. In Texas, we’d often have hail – it was so bad one year that everyone’s roofs got destroyed and I had some friends get their apartment windows knocked out as well. I’m glad everyone’s okay!

    • Yike. Well, after I saw the tree damage it did here, I’m it wasn’t like some Category 3+ typhoon! I think the damage would have been more if it were any higher!

  2. We’ve been lucky this year but during the winter months, it always storms really badly and trees are always broken. You can’t have a winter here without somebody’s roof falling it. Glad to see that you’re okay and that damage was minimal.

    • Man, nature can be quite vicious and dangerous, eh? Oiiii. I’m glad the damages weren’t too serious, too, but I do feel bad for the trees. X_X;

  3. OMG! Those photos look pretty scary. Glad that you’re okay tho! :)

  4. Whoa, your layout is so simple and clean. =) Hmm I didn’t expect to come across someone who lives in Seoul.

    I heard about the typhoon. When you wrote “first in my lifetime” I immediately thought about all the sudden climate changes in the world. I just hope it won’t get worse and worse. =(

    • Thank you for liking my layout. :D

      And yes, climate changes are occurring everywhere . . . I think global warming exists . . . even if some people disagree, hahaha. XD;;;

      • I think it’s more of global extremeing…with hotter summers and colder winters.

        I like video game OSTs too. I actually had an entire CD in my collection…I think I still have it just only in my external drive. I guess as you get older the “fandom” thing evaporates…I used to be fangirlish.

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