Made in . . . Swiss!

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My daddy’s birthday’s around the corner. For the last month or so, I was stumped on what to get him. Last night, after talking with Mum, I received some suggestions — some strange ones and some helpful ones. I took those suggestions and woke up earlier than normal to go to the PX before work. I headed straight for the watch section there, and I spent about fifteen minutes staring at all the watches there.

I honestly had no clue what was a good watch. The jewellery lady there wasn’t very helpful either.

At first I was intrigued by this watch that was like under $200, a brand I cannot remember its name for my life. But I saw that it was made in China. ~_~;; My mother recently blew up at me for buying a REAL Converse shoe . . . a shoe that was made in China. Uh, Mum? I know you and 99% of the Koreans think Chinese-made products are crap . . . but, uh, it’s not a fake. It’s just made in China because it’s cheaper for the company!

ANYWAY. I then looked at a Victorinox Swiss Army watch. This is Daddy’s new watch, a 24704, Officer’s 1884 watch. (And Macy’s website is being weird, so here’s an alternate link.) The cost? $279 . . . see I bought something outrageously expensive for Mum last year. Now it was Daddy’s turn. Though he did say, “Don’t you ever buy something that expensive again!”

Time to buy something expensive for me! Muhahahaha.


  1. The Macy’s site you link is all “Sorry, shoppers! We’re currently experiencing heavier traffic than normal.” I think your readers broke the site. XD

    Also, wow. I never get gifts for my parents. Or for anyone, for that matter. After I grew out of making my own presents, it’s always been just a “happy birthday” and a meal with them if I’m in the same country. I usually get red pockets for my own birthday. :P

    • HAHAHAHA. That’s funny if my reader’s broke the site XD;;;

      And I just pretty much buy presents for them, my aunt, my grandma, and a few close friends. Otherwise, I don’t really do much. ^^;;

  2. That’s a nice watch! I hope he really liked it! I always find it harder to shop for my dad than my mom. All he wants are really expensive things XD;;

    • Both my parents want expensive things, hahaha. My dad told me one time he wanted a sports car. My mum — a diamond. Talk about expensive tastes for the both of them!

  3. I don’t buy gifts for my parents. Or at least, not really for their birthday. I’m never around when it’s their birthday. Besides, I don’t have a job and all my money comes from my parents. So it seems a bit pointless to buy things for their birthday. Though when I go shopping and see something my mom might like, I usually end up getting it, no matter what part of the year it is!

    • I do the same with my mum throughout the year. If I see something she’d like (mostly earrings) I get it for her. :D

  4. Oooh that sounds like a nice watch. I rarely get things for my dad since he never wants anything and would rather have me save my money. He’s impossible.

    • LOLOL. I usually have a hard time shopping for Daddy. And Mummy. It doesn’t help that both of them wants expensive stuff!

  5. I know close to nothing about jewelry… I wouldn’t have thought to check where it was made. Hope papa aigoo loves it enough to buy you something you like for your birthday! =)

    • Papa Aigoo? HAHAHAHAHA! That’s soooooooo cute, Felisa! <3

      And he likes it! We just have to figure out how to make the darn thing work now. The instruction manual doesn’t tell her. FAIIIIIL.

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