Eight Years Already?

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Happy 8th Birthday, Aigoo Chamna!

Eight years have passed since I’ve started this domain.

Nine years have passed since I bought my first domain, Tckingdoms.com. <--- DON'T ASK. Over ten years have passed since I've started creating websites. It's official. I'm old! And so is this domain.


  1. Happy b-day, aigoo chamna! Eight years is a really long time for a domain! I’m impressed. :D

  2. Happy 8th, Aigoo Chamna! Don’t worry, my first domain is much more embarrassing than yours. XD

  3. Happy 8 years! 2 more and you’ll have a whole decade!

  4. cynthia on

    Hoo dang! Definitely happy 8 years.

    If I still had too-late.net I think I would’ve joined the club … tear tear tear.


    I can’t wait to get to my blog’s one year… which is a long way off, lol.

  6. happy 8 years!!!!! whoa, that’s definitely been some time!

  7. Happy Birthday to Aigoo Chamna! Man does time fly. I have 2 domains that are about the same age, and I never realized how old they really were XD;;

  8. Thanh Ha on

    Congratulations! 8 years, that’s impressive.

  9. Wow eight years, happy birthday :)

  10. Happy birthday to little AC :)

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