Life in a Bulleted List!

This post is old, so what you see here may not reflect my current opinion and mindset, certain information may be outdated, and links may be broken.

* I’ve been focusing more on LiveJournal than this blog. Oops. Must try to blog more.

* James Dean is my new concubine! I saw him in East of Eden. Why have I not watched this earlier?! He can so haunt my dreams! <3

* Persona 3 Portable has abducted my soul, and with that abduction, I’ve beaten it yesterday. At 5:30am. Yes, I’m insane. A review of the game will come soon! In the meantime, I’ll replay the game from the female protagonist POV!

* I decided to buy new glasses as a back-up pair in case my current one decides to commit suicide becomes mutilated by clumsy me. A plastic frame glass . . . it cost me 55,000 won ($52ish).

* I met my friend A. on Thursday, and we hung out at Dongdaemun to buy my mum’s crochet threads, Daehakro to eat and see the Gandalf statue, and Itaewon to chill at a cafe, eat dinner, and go to a Noraebang. I also discovered that day that some stupid taxi drivers mishears (on purpose maybe?) stuff from their passenger and takes them to the wrong destination. I said “DongDAEmun”. Stupid driver thought I said “DongLIBmun”. WTF?! Aughhhh!

* Yesterday, I met my friend T., and we hung out at Myeong-dong. While there, I splurged on two new pairs of shoes at the ABC Mart. I bought a Vans for 48,000 won ($45ish) and my first pair of Converse for 55,000 won ($52ish). With those and my two new Skechers I’ve yet to wear yet, I’ve got enough shoes to last me for the next three years!

* And with this final bullet, I’ll need to sleep. Am exhausted. This stupid weather needs to die. It’s a freaking sauna out there, and I just want winter to come back.