HPV & Video Game Meme

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I had my final HPV vaccination shot today. OW.

Am still playing Persona 3 Portable like crazed fangirl. I still drool over Akihiko. I’m getting close to the end. Hopefully, this mojo of mine doesn’t disappear, and I beat it soon!

I normally don’t do this, but this video game meme’s calling my name . . . so here it is LOL.

1) What was your FIRST video game console?
Do arcade games count? Those are a form of console, right? If not . . . the computer or this weird Koreanised system my uncle had. All I remember is that I played Mario and other stuff on it. But my first, actual console is the Game Boy I received in summer of 1995 . . . in Minnesota of all places. And then in Christmas of 1995, I finally received an SNES!

2) Name a few games you played on said console.

  • Arcade = PACMAN (not that I was ever great at it). I vaguely remember me playing that at the bowling alley at the age of five! Or six? Anyway, I’ve also enjoyed the bazillion Street Fighters games, Mortal Kombat, pinball machines, Cruisin’ USA, and etcetera.
  • PC = King’s Quest VI and all these edutainment games including Oregon Trail, Yukon Trail, and those old Apple games like Odell Lake and Lemonade Stand!. Btw, I loved Eagle Eye Mysteries, and I wish I could replay that on an emulator, but I cannot find it anywhere! BOO.
  • Game Boy = Pocahontas (hey, I’d just seen the movie that summer, so sue me ~_~;), Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, and etcetera.
  • SNES = Tetris Attack, Chrono Trigger, Donkey Kong Country 1-3, and etcetera.

3) Excluding handhelds, how many VG consoles do you own presently?
1 SNES, 1 PSX, 2 PS2 (A first generation and a slim one), and 1 GameCube.

4) Were you a Street Fighter nut? Any character in particular?
Sure, at the arcades! I think I always liked playing Ryu. I think.

5) Do you think Capcom is a FUCKING awesome company with kickass character designs?
With Gyakuten Saiban, HELL YES.

6) Here’s the scenario… You had some friends over and you all ate FRIED CHICKEN! After the meal you all decide to play some video games. As your friend reaches for a controller you notice his/her hands are very “greasy.” Are you the type that would insist they wash their hands before pawing the controller, or is it no big deal?
I’d definitely make them wash their hands! I’m very picky about keeping my consoles somewhat in good condition!

7) What’s your favorite RPG/Action RPG?
WTF. IS THIS A TRICK QUESTION. ARGH. I’ll go with . . . damn . . . er . . . Suikoden 2!

8) Do you prefer 2D games or 3D games?
2-D. Especially with anime CGs and whatnot. 3-D games makes me dizzy, especially if the camera angles are crap and whatnot.

9) Are you an SNK fan?
I’ve had to look this up on Google, and I read this. Uh, what? I guess it’s safe to say my answer is NO.

9) Are you good at DDR?
I prefer Pump It Up! over DDR. XD

10) Who wants to kick that dog’s ass from Duck Hunt?
I’ve never played that game, so I can’t answer this.

11) Have you skipped out on important events in life because of video games?
Not really. I’ve learned to sacrifice sleep. Like that one time I played Suikoden until 9am once . . . and I had class at 11:45am . . . and I only had one hour of sleep. Er, yeah.

12) Do you listen to video game music?
Yes. Video game music are awesome.

13) Have you ever cosplayed a VG character?

14) Have you ever been in an arcade playing a fighting game, KICKING ASS, and then some 6 year old Asian kid comes in and OWNS YOU??
Considering that I live in an Asian country where I’m surrounded by Asian kids . . . yeah. LOL. Then again, I’m not exactly great at fighting games. It was all button mashing for me.

15) Name three games you would love to see remakes of if it was done properly.
Hm. Suikoden 1 because I’d kill for them to redo the characters’ portraits in the style of Suikoden 2! Tir McDohl was much sexier in the second game! XD As for the other two games . . . I can’t really say.

16) Mario or Sonic?
Both, though I’ve played Mario more than Sonic.

17) When a movie shows up in the theaters, let’s use Spider-man as an example, are you likely to buy the GAME version?
I did as a kid. Now? No way!

18) What is your LEAST favorite genre of video games? (ex. fighting, sports, shooters, etc.)
Anything not RPG/text-adventure game. I play for the plot/character development more than anything else.

19) Is there a game out there that you feel was unique and didn’t get enough love?
Suikoden series! Though Suikoden III was the most hyped up crap of the series. Also, Time Hollow needs more loving.

20) Have you ever verbally abused a game because you couldn’t beat one of the levels and/or bosses?
Oh, yes. And I nearly wanted to abuse the console as well.

21) Do you own any VG apparel?
Not really . . . ^^;

22) What are your thoughts on the live-action Super Mario Bros movie?
I haven’t seen it, and I don’t want to see it. Though John Leguizamo is awesome.

23) On that note, what did you think about the live-action Street Fighter movie?
I don’t even want to think about it. Though Mortal Kombat wasn’t too bad.

24) Who’s hottest out of the KOF chicks?
I’m guessing it’s King of Fighters? If that’s the case, no idea since it’s been ages since I’ve touched it.

25) Do you say “old-school” a lot when you’re having a VG conversation with others?
YES! Though I’m not that old-school . . . like NES/Atari old-school.

26) Have you ever lent someone a game and they returned it to you damaged?
Not really because I don’t lend games to people who are not responsible!

27) Do you own any imported games?
Nope. No point since I wouldn’t be able to understand Japanese!

28) Are you ready for this meme to be over, or could you keep going?
Sure XD.

29) In this scenario, let’s pretend you’re going to get a video game tattoo! What would you get and where?
I don’t like tattoos. Period.

30) Have you ever cried after you beat a game? If so why?
YES. I’ve cried with many games, but I remember Suikoden 2 really making me cry the most. T____T. And homg, the fourth case in Gyakuten Saiban 3 (aka: Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations) really made me bawl.


  1. I don’t think I’ve ever bawled after beating a game, but I have paralyzed with shock at coming to an end… in particular, Tetris. I didn’t know that the game actually had an ending so I was awe-struck at the fireworks to celebrate beating the game. I seriously thought the game never ended, yes, silly me.

    • LOL! I had no idea Tetris had an end to it, but I guess it makes sense! No game can go on forever! LOL.

  2. I say “old school” as well but I usually refer to the first games of some originally awesome series and not all the way back like that. My first console was the PlayStation (1), after all. :P I’ve also cried playing multiple games, and continued to cry for a while afterwards thinking about the story (Metal Gear Solid 3; Dragon Age: Origins).

    • Yeah, some of these video games have awesome storylines that are awesome and tearjerking. T_____T;; It’s like an interactive novel for me! And I think my real definition of old school is the SNES/Genesis days. Anything before that is practically ancient!

  3. I have no hand-eye coordination for video games ;n;

    but i know a lot of the ones you’ve listed because i work in a videogame place woo!

    • LOL! I would love to work in a video game place, but . . . not retail ~_~;;; I’d love to be a story writer for an RPG. That’d be freakin’ awesome actually, LOL.

      • oops! i didnt realize you reply to comments!!! I never get emails when you reply.. sorry if it seems like I don’t reply back :P i just checked comments randomly today and saw your reply to my message :D

        but yeah, retail sucks, people want you to do a lot of stupid things that isn’t in your job description… -_- but writing stories for RPG would be sooo awesome! your imagination could go anywhere! there are no boundaries with games :D

        • Yeah, I think in order to receive email notification, you have to check the box that asks if you want email followup or whatever ^^;;

          And yes! There are no boundaries with games with plot and stuff! :D

  4. I once stood in line, waiting behind 100+ other guys to get a penicillin shot. We were ordered to rub the cartridges (filled with penicillin) in our hands to warm them up. One guy did not do as he was told. When he was injected, his injection site exploded like a geyser. There was blood everywhere. Needless to say, I rubbed the hell out of my cartridge.

  5. Woohoo. You are now “one less”. (Ref: HPV shot commerical.)

    This makes me a total video game noob compared to you.

    • I am? Never saw the commercial, so I wouldn’t have understood your reference!

      And naw, you’re not a VG Noob! XD <3

  6. Thanh Ha on

    Question 6… how can question 6 be a question?! People who don’t wash their hands shall never play games again.

  7. This totally makes me feel like a n00b. I play… Wii. And my only area of expertise is SNES. When I’m being really exciting, I’ll play games on the Nintendo 64. Haha

    You have to play Duck Hunt at least once in your lifetime! Then at least we can have some similar gaming experiences. :P

    • XD I’ll check out Duck Hunt one of these days. XD But if I remember what one friend told me of that game, it sounds like a game I really wouldn’t enjoy . . . but I’ll still check it out!

  8. cynthia on

    “Nope. No point since I wouldn’t be able to understand Japanese!”

    omggg.. as a kid my parents got me a Japanese Gameboy game with 100 or something games on it. you don’t need to read as long as you get the general idea! LOL

    • Well, now that I’m older, I play games for its plot and character development. It’d be kind of hard to play a Japanese game for that reason! Hence why I need it in English!

  9. Gah, I cried in Trials and Tribulations too! Godot was my favourite character! I hope for his return in Gyakuten Saiban 5 ;___;

    Have you tried Ace Attorney Investigations?

    Yes, yes, I feel the same way about 2D and 3D, I can’t stand games with 3D because it’s hard for me to pay attention to what’s going on in the screen.

    • YUS! Flashback to Godot’s younger days would be awesome :D

      And yes, I’ve tried AAI. It was fun! Edgeworth is *____*.

  10. “24) Who’s hottest out of the KOF chicks?” What kind of question is THAT? O_o

    YAY to Suikoden 2 and TETRIS ATTACK! Wow, that is a blast from the past. I used to play that all the time with my brother when I was a wee one.

    Have you played FF7: Crisis Core? That game is cry-worthy. :( Saddest ending ever even though you KNOW what’s going to happen if you’ve played FF7.

    • No idea why they had that as a question! Very odd XD;;

      And no, as FFVII: Crisis Core is action RPG, I don’t think I’ll ever play it either as it’s not turnbased/text-adventure game ^^;;; Yes, I’m a bit weird like that. I like games that lets me take my time. Games that requires me to be very fast and reflexive makes me more frustrated than anything else!

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