Fanfiction Site Moved and WordPressed

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So couple days ago, I spent my time coding and designing the new layout for Aigoo Chamna.

Yesterday morning, after I got home from the World Cup Game Night (where Korea lost but fought well against Uruguay!), I stayed up until 5:30am setting up WordPress. And then for the rest of my Sunday, I converted and moved my Harry Potter fanfiction site.

Insidious Disquisition is now WordPress operated and is now (hopefully) easier to update and is more organised. :) But what a process! It’s not a difficult process, but it sure is a time consuming process!

And now it’s almost 3:00am. *dies* No more! My eyes are spinning!


  1. The fanfiction site is looking very good! :)

  2. Ooh I really like the layout at your fanfiction site. It looks great!

    • Thanks! It was the same one I was using before the move, but I decided to keep it up longer since I like it :)

  3. Leanne on

    Argh I wish I could just sit down and create a new layout. I’ve just lost the desire to learn CSS like I use to. Also with the disappearance of my Photoshop it’s made things difficult.

    But loving the layout Tara! :D

    • Thanks, Leanne! I hope you get some motivation to create a layout one day. And sorry to hear about your MIA Photoshop O_O;; Have you considered using GIMP for now? That might allow you to least create a header image or something. :)

  4. Holy moly this layout is AWESOME! And your fanfiction site looks great too. I really like the color schemes a whole lot. Very soothing.

    • HEE! Thanks, Becky! I think blue is a naturally soothing colour (at least for me) so I’ve been sticking with that for a while when it comes to designing websites. XD;;

      And yes, this layout is really awesome for me. I just love the header image :)

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