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I’m not sure why, but earlier, I was knitting. Next thing I know, I dug out a wonderful drawing my friend, TROLLEYS (Thanks, Unnie!), drew for me last year. It’s chibi!Tara-Chan, and it’s adorable. XD

I’ve decided to make a new layout with the drawing, and this is the end results after about seven hours of designing and coding. I still stuck with the colour blue, and I’ve decided to do some changes to my blog. The changes — other than a new layout — are:

* I’ve finally widgetised the sidebar. DUN DUN DUN. And it was easier than I thought!

* I’ve decided to finally get nested/threaded comment . . . but I’m really annoyed that I cannot put a “SPACE” between the replier’s name and the word “REPLY”. See this entry to see what I’m talking about. Anybody willing to help?! It’s driving me crazy! Damn PHP! Mucho gracias to Cat for helping me see that it was a CSS issue, not a PHP issue. I FAIL for spending 30 minutes looking at the PHP file like an idiot.

* After having the last few layouts be fluid, I’ve decided to make a fixed-width layout . . . I do like the idea of fluid layouts, but this is good enough. I love the header image so much XD

Really, I do like this version. It’s clean and refreshing! Buuuut, I better sleep now! I’ve got to wake up in six hours for work!


  1. Ack! Tara-chan! Is this ever cute! The drawing that your friend did is sooo cute and looks lovely with all the styling you did!

    What happens if you add an & n b s p ; (without the spaces of course) to the PHP code directly before the word Reply? It’s not very elegant, but maybe a non breaking space will do the trick! I’ll take a look at the PHP code if you send a snippet to me over MSN! XD

    • :) Thank you, Pange! I’m really glad you like this, and thanks for your help! I’m just glad it’s figured out now! <3

  2. Nice layout! It’s super cute! XD I like how you did the header and navigation.

    The problem isn’t PHP. You just need to add a bit of CSS. In style.css, look for…

    .commentlist li cite

    Add padding-right to it. Something like this…

    .commentlist li cite {
    float: left;
    font-size: 9pt;
    padding-right: 5px;

  3. I love the new look. I hope I don’t sound too offensive but I was wondering when you’d find the time to put up something new! :D

    I did like the fluid layout you had before but of course that has its advantages and disadvantages, and there’s always something good in trying something different. :) I do love the header image here, congratulations on widgetising your sidebar (something I really love doing) and working the threaded comments. 8D

    • I wished I had more time to put new layouts up, but the lack of time and the lack of inspiration are so far and between.

      But yeah, thanks! I do like it, and am glad the widget thing is a great feature to use. :)

  4. I love the new layout! And threaded comment, woo! :D

    • Yeap! I finally decided to try threaded comment! It’s like LJ for me, so I finally succumbed! ^^

  5. Hey Tara-zan! This layout looks really great!! And yeah, that chibi version of you is very cute, it really adds some flavour to your website! Makes it a bit more personalised.

    • Thanks! I do like using these drawings of me to make a layout! It does give it a more personal feel to it! ^^

  6. I absolutely adore it!! :D

  7. Like the new layout. Clean and simple and professional. The drawing is also incredibly adorable.

    • Thank you! ^_^ I like to keep my layouts clean and simple — which in the end looks more professional :)

  8. Melle Lee on

    when it comes to making layies, I’m lazy.. LOL thats why i just ask someone to make one for me.. I need a new one though.. hahaha I am just waiting for Valerie’s photoshop to be okay since she promised me that shes gonna make one for me.. haha I love this layie though.. it’s simple yet elegant..

    • Thanks :) I like making layouts myself since it gives me a sense of pride that I made it. Now if only I can draw . . . then things would be so much better!

  9. That photo is cute, and the layout looks awesome. Nice work. You might want to increase the width of the “ask away” part, though, because it doesn’t look like the rest of the site. Sorry… just a little critique. Awesome work overall.

  10. Felisa on

    Oh it’s absolutely cute!

    I know nothing about CSS or PHP or whatever else so don’t feel bad. If there’s something wrong with my layout, all I say is “there’s something wrong!” not “it’s a PHP problem” :P

    • Thanks and LOL. Well, thankfully, I have friends who are more knowledgeable than me, so it all worked out! ^_^

  11. A very lovely layout! Simple and “clean” and it’s..well…”harmony” is the adjective I am thinking about. It’s also very cute ;)

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