World Cup Blahs

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Well, with the defeat of South Korea in their game against Argentina, my hopes for them is rather low. Really, I don’t even care for these sports, but when it’s World Cup, I do go crazy for South Korea, but with this abysmal performance, I doubt they’ll be one of the two teams to go onto the next round, whatever that’s called.

Okay, so there is a slight chance since they still have to play Nigeria, but I doubt I’ll watch that game at 3:30 in the morning! If I do, yay. If I don’t? I’ll just read about it.

Still, tonight’s game was awful. Especially that first goal that was an accident. I know that poor guy’s going to be given hell over here for a while. That’s the downside of a collective society.

But BOOOOO. I knew Argentina was going to be tough, but this was just ridiculous. My hopes were definitely shattered tonight! :(


  1. Argentina has Messi, who is arguably the best player in the tournament, followed closely by Portugal’s Christiano Ronaldo.]

    But! We are the favourites (by a hair) for the match against Nigeria. Here’s hoping!

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