Sage Mary Scarf

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Here’s my newest knitting project done. :) I used size 6 needles and . . . well, it’s all purl stitches. My mum ended up helping me bind the bugger off since I suck at at it, and she attached 99% of the fringes. I tried, but the crochet hook and I failed to reach an amicable agreement. My hands, simply put, hated that thing. X_X;

At least the scarf turned out nice! And I figured out how to do this one stitch/pattern thing that I’ve yet to discover the name of. Anybody know what it’s called? It’s one where I knit two stitch, purl two stitch, knit two, purl two . . . on and on and on. It gives me a stockinette stitch of some sort, but it’s on both sides instead of one.


  1. Wow you’re a brilliant knitter! Love the scarf you made! It’s beautiful! And on size 6 needles! Wow! The pattern you’re talking about is called the Knit-2-Purl-2 rib pattern (or k2p2 rib) where you k2p2 across a multiple of 4 stitches which makes your final result stretchy like for a hat or socks ^_^ have fun knitting!

  2. Felisa on

    I will forever be jealous of people who can knit. I just… can’t. They all turn out as shapeless blobs. You’re a wonderful knitter… it has a shape and all. (Clearly I’m not the best reviewer of knitted stuff just because I know nothing about it… Haha)

  3. Wow, that turned out great! Love the colors on it XD

  4. Really not sure about this ‘un – my best friend knitted me a scarf – it was madly awesome! It’s so rigid though; I think it needs a wash or something. Well, yeah. I have no idea how to knit!

    I snooped your previous post – I have to say, I love the hair. :)

    It’s good to hear from you again; I hope you are well and all. ^_^ I’m pretty proud of my layout LOL – so as not to be cocky though… but I really am. XD I was definitely going for something simpler.

  5. Caity on

    Awesome job! It looks great! :)

  6. Damita on

    Wow!!! It looks amazing!!

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