Illegally Blonde

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Last year, I highlighted my hair and practically became a blonde. Two months ago, I wanted to get rid of my black hair. Today, I decided to trim and highlight my tresses to make myself blonde. XD I think I’ve succeeded. Too bad my shoddy picture taking skills cannot really capture my hair as well as I could.

Not bad for a 50,000 won ($47ish) job, eh?


  1. Jacquie on

    I can’t afford to pay that much for having my hair done here in the third world

    I love it dear. Me jealous :(

  2. excellent! ;)

  3. Damita on

    Well done, looks great :)

  4. The highlights came out great! I like the color =)

  5. If you think that’s blonde then you haven’t seen blonde.

  6. Mihoriel on

    You did an amazing job, Tara and it’s awesome that you saved so much money. You look so beautiful!

  7. Love the highlights! Your hair looks very “alive”. Ok, that sounded weird, but you know what I mean. The highlights look awesome!

  8. Felisa on

    Nice! I love how much more interesting people’s hair is with high lights… there’s just more depth.

    And wait… did you do it yourself with those homekits?

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