Vacation Time!

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Sort of. It’s more of a mini-vacation XD. I’ll be on leave from today (Wednesday) to Sunday! Yayyyyy!

I’m going to go to Osan Air Force Base today to meet up with C. and do some BX shopping. Thursday, I will be going to my former high school’s instrumental music concert with my buddy D. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday? Whatever goes! For all I know I’ll be computering, writing, watching films/animes, reading, or knitting. Yay for some relaxation!

Seriously, happiness consists of money, hobbies, friends, and no work. That’s my life right there.


  1. lol your definition of happiness is the same as mine! XD Enjoy your mini vacation!!!! Knit something awesome! :P

  2. Have fun with your vacation time! It’s important to get in a lot of relaxation once in a while XD

  3. Mihoriel on

    Have fun with the vacation time :) Relaxation is important.

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