Soreness for a Cause

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Wow, I’ve been really neglecting this blog . . . I think the last time I went this long without blogging was back in my uni days when I had school and work taking up so much of my time. This time, though, I can’t really use that excuse. Honestly, I’ve been quite busy with this and that, and if there’s one word to describe the last two weeks of my life is this: SORE. Here are my reasons for being sore, which will also explain my “busy-ness”.

Reason #1: Laughingitis
I mentioned in my last blog post that I was going to go MIA because my friend “Stitch” was going to back in Seoul for a week or so. I also mentioned I’d be laughing like a hyena with her until I get stomach cramps. My theory was proven true along with me getting “cheek cramps”. Whatever we did, whether it was to sit in Hell Beans and chat or to go eye shopping or to go eating, I was laughing practically non-stop with her. I was struck by an awful case of the giggles at Italonia (yummy food but so expensive!), and oddly enough, she didn’t make me laugh. Instead, a waiter asked Stitch if she wanted pepper, and he brought over a huge pepper grinder. That reminded me of this Sex and the City episode, and I just couldn’t stop laughing for about five minutes. Oh, joy.

Reason #2: Disco Jump
April 14, 2010 is a day I will not forget for a long time. See, Stitch wanted to go shopping in Dongdaemun area after our Namsan Tower adventure, and when we were at Dongdaemun, we saw this thing called the Disco Jump (Youtube video footage). Stitch and I watched the DJ dude be an arsehole by insulting the riders . . . which was still kind of funny since he was giving these Korean high schoolers HELL for skipping school.

Anyway, Stitch and I decided to pay 4,000 won to ride this. There were only four riders on this thing, and Stitch and I both decided to pretend we don’t know Korean because we didn’t want the mean DJ to pick on us. Well, he didn’t really pick on us, but he did give us a wild and painful ride. See, the thing has no safety harness, so we literally had to hang onto the bars with our lives. But it was bloody difficult! My arms nearly gave out a couple of times, and I could NOT keep my feet on the ground. In fact, Stitch and I both had that problem (and I even kicked Stitch’s boobs at one point. Oops!) while the other two ladies didn’t. But the two ladies’ shoes kept on coming off, so each time they tried to go retrieve it from the middle, the guy would rock the thing, giving them a hard time.

Later, Stitch and I checked out this “portable” virtual reality ride thingie. You know those “theatre” thing where you wear glasses, and your seats move in accordance to what’s happening on-screen? Well, for 3,000 won, we tried out “Snow Coaster”, and Stitch was screaming operatic arias in my ear, while I just laughed at her lovely solo. After that ride, I deemed it to be much better than Disco Jump!

Anyway, I WAS SO SORE THE NEXT TWO DAYS. My upper-body was in so much pain. Stitch and I both agreed that while the Disco Jump was kind of fun, it’s definitely a once in a lifetime thing, and we’re NOT going on it ever again. At least not until they have safety harness on that thing.

Reason #3: Knitting
Last Tuesday, on April 20, 2010, I decided to try learning how to knit. See, I already knew how to knit stitch. I just never knew how to get the darn stitches onto the needle at the beginning. My mother showed me years ago, but I could never figure out it. But then, my co-worker showed me, and “BAM”. I got the knitting bug. After I got the hang of casting on and re-introduce myself to the knit stitch, I went on the Internet to learn the purl stitch, and after some tribulations, I figured that out.

At first I was going to create a “coaster” for my mum. But then, after I stole some yarn and needles from her stash, I decided I’d make a short scarf for my grandmother. It was during this process I discovered something interesting: perfectionist does not go well with knitting. >_< ;; See, I'm sort of a perfectionist at what I do, and it showed when I was knitting. If I made a mistake, I'd unravel the darn thing and start over. I think I unravelled that poor yarn about a hundred times in a week. But, ALAS! After suffering from sore fingers and hands all week, I've made my first scarf! I discovered binding off is a pain in the butt, and . . . I screwed up a corner. OI! But I had no idea how to undo that very last stitch in the binding off process, so I just had to keep it like that. My mother than assured me that my scarf was actually pretty good for a first project.

That’s my new weapon of choice. Needles. Muhahahaha. But yes, that’s the scarf folded in half. My first knitting project done in about six days! Yay!

So those are my reasons for being sore. Lovely, yes? I’ve learned a lot in the last two weeks, and I’ve learned that being around Stitch will give me stomach and cheek cramps, Disco Jump is pure evil, and knitting is fun (and frustrating).


  1. Wow that Disco Jump looks insane! I don’t think I could handle that hahaha. I don’t blame you for being sore after that! Your scarf looks great!

  2. Glad you had fun with your friend! It’s nice to have someone you can just laugh non-stop with XD The disco jump looks fun, though I can see it being painful too, haha.

    Ooh, the scarf looks good. I used to knit when I was younger, but I’m pretty sure I don’t remember how to do it at all anymore XD;;

  3. I seriously didn’t know what a disco jump was until now. Looks fun. I want to try!!!!

  4. Augh knitting! I am so impressed by knitting in general. It totally boggles my mind. Yours looks awesome (bigger pictures please!). Also that Disco Jump sounds horrifying. Definitely not for me.

  5. Whoa! Someone caught the knitting bug alright! :) One of my other blogger pals caught it too and she turned her blog into a knitting one. Maybe you guys can start to swap tips or something. :P Her blog:

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