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At my workplace, we have one of those crappy Singstar karaoke machine, and a couple of middle school students decided to play with it. Apparently the highest score they were able to obtain was a 76. The following happened after I decided to sing a song.

Me: *flips through the number to find a song*
76 Kid: Just don’t beat my score!
Me: *chooses Skeeter Davis’ “The End of the World”* Gets an 86.
76 Kid: Dang!
Me: *chooses “Edelweiss” and sings and is at a 97*
Kid A: Whoah, she’s beating your score!
Kid B: She already beat that score!
Kid A: Ooooh! SHE PWNED YA.

Now tell me that’s not hilarious? Ah, these are the times when I enjoy working with kids. :)


  1. How do those games work, anyway? They judge by your tone?

  2. Haha that’s awesome. :)

  3. Damita on

    Ha ha so cute!

  4. Aw man that’s adorable! :) Sometimes kids are the cutest; they’re so lovely. I kind of hate my job sometimes but it really, really makes my day when a little kid says something nice or makes me smile in any way. :)

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