Black Hair Begone!

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While I was eating dinner after work, I decided to go get a trim and a hair dye job at this beauty salon I like to go in my neighbourhood. It’s not really a spur of the moment thing since I’ve been wanting to re-dye my hair for a while since I’m not a fan of black/dark brown hair on myself. So 50,000 won + 5,000 won tip ($45 USD + $4.50 USD) later, the beauty salon people did their magic by just dyeing the black part of my hair (since the bottom is already in a lighter shade from previous dyeing jobs) and trimmed off about an inch or two . . . and I look like this:

I hope these pictures do not blow up anyone’s monitor.


  1. No before picture!

    Also, tipping! How do you do that thing? I get so uncomfortable tipping people. :/

  2. It looks great! :D

  3. So cute! I still haven’t dared to dye my hair! I haven’t had a salon hair cut since high school! I’m cheapo ^_^

  4. Wow! I really liked the way you got your hair done. It looks cute :) I get my hair dyed too :D It’s red. Sometimes I hate it though It makes me look like a goth :D

  5. The color and cut look good on you! I need to dye my hair some time too. Too many white hairs showing XD;;

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