Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth

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Otherwise known as Gyakuten Kenji, I’ve just beaten this game. I’m just WOWing from my experiences. It was quite an adventure playing this game for the last few days! Come to think of it, I haven’t beaten or played a game with this much dedication in ages. It feels like the gamer inside of me has reawakened. With that said, here’s my SPOILER-FREE review of the game.

The Goods
– The recurring characters and references to the other games were all welcomed and enjoyed by me. Though I am still trying to figure out who was in that Proto Badger suit . . .
– The plot was very intriguing. I love how none of the cases (well, with one exception ~_~;) were fillers — meaning they all were connected! Much like they did in Apollo Justice.
– Kay Faraday has a really catchy theme song. Speaking of Kay, I think she’s the best from Maya/Trucy sidekick motif. Kay didn’t annoy me as much, and she was less random, I think. Also, she was just adorable. :)
– I like how the game was in a third-person perspective. I adored seeing how all the characters acted in full-body (ie: Gumshoe stomping around in a tantrum!).
– The character designs were much cleaner and better animated than the other games.
– Also Byrne + Tyrell = New favourite pairing, too XD.
– Speaking of Tyrell, I really liked him. He was actually a pretty good supporting character.
– Little Thief is a real neat device!

The Bads
– The third case just about made me want to throw my DS across the room. I thought that was drawn out longer than necessary, and all those badgers . . . >_< ;; - Uh . . . the dates of the cases (minus the fourth case) . . . Miles is certainly a busy guy. - The Steel Samurai and the Pink Princess . . . *shudders at the two people who play them* - Compared to the other games, this game's soundtrack is a bit on the weak side. Aside from Kay's, Gumshoe's theme, Shi-Long's theme, and the victory theme to name off the top of my head, the soundtrack didn't have that same "AWESOME" feel to it. The Uglies
– Miles’ voice bothered me since it sounds like four different people were used to create his voices. O_O;; Some of them even reminded of me Kristoph from Apollo Justice. Except for his “objection” voice, the rest of them sucked and grated my poor ears.
– Okay, I’d like to know why it would take about ten seconds to save a file? With the other games in the series, it would save fairly quickly, but for this one, it . . . took ten seconds, and as an impatient person, it drove me nuts. XD.

Noooooooooooo! I can’t believe I’ve come to the end :( I really did enjoy playing this despite some complaints. It was definitely a game made for fans, but non-fans will like it, too. It’s just more fulfilling to play after playing the other game because of the references you can appreciate!

Capcom, please, please, please release another game in the series! I’ll love you forever if you do. I would love another Miles game or another Apollo game. Just bring something out, please!


  1. Jessica on

    I’ve been kinda interested in playing this game. I think everyone had probably heard of it or Phoenix Wright. I really wanna play one. :) Glad you enjoyed it.

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