New Layout for ID + WiBro Problems

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Insidious Disquisition has a new layout up, featuring fanart commissioned by my friend, Jenken! After years (I think four?) of keeping the old one, it was time for a change.

On the flipside, I am pissed off at WiBro the software and driver. For some bizarre reason, it affects my sound driver on my netbook! Now, certain sounds will not play (stuff like Youtube videos and PC game and Windows’ wave files) unless it’s through a media player. O_O;;

This weekend is Lunar New Year weekend. I shall raise hell at the KT office next week. What a way to greet the new year.


  1. The layout looks good!

  2. I’m getting a slight deja vu moment. Haven’t you blogged about that new layout before? *confused*

  3. Love the layout hun :)

  4. This layout seems familiar… or did you change the style, not the picture? I don’t know, maybe I’m just not all here right now…

    Computers are rather narcissistic! They are amazing and we are so dependent on them that they have to let us know every once in a while that they are in control. Hope you show him who’s boss! lol

  5. Yay! Happy Lunar New Year! Lol, I can’t claim that I celebrate it though.

  6. Happy Lunar New Year! :D I hope you have a good one. <3

    The layout is looking great! I've kept the same layout on a lot of my fanlistings and boy are they ugly. It's good to have a fresh start every now and then!

    That really sucks about the sound driver. I hope it can be fixed easily! :O

  7. Happy lunar new year! Hope all is well for you.

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