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WCWC = Double water closet? Hm. Maybe that’s where I’ve disappeared to the past week or so? Not really. I’ve been occupied with life. What you read in the subject line is what’s been happening to me.

I’ve finally buckled down and got WiBro for Portie the netbook. This is what I had to do at the KT office.

  • Choose a contract (six month or a year) and they’ll give you the WiBro modem for free.
  • Choose a bandwidth plan of 1gb (yes it’s ONE GIGABYTE. It is not a typo.) for 10,000 won ($9/month), 30gb for 19,800 won ($18/month), or 50gb for 27,000ish won ($25ish/month). I chose the 30gb one.
  • Choose a modem. I was given a choice between one that runs DMB (only Korean stuff) or one that will let me have 2gb of USB space. I chose the extra space since I don’t watch DMB or TV period.
  • Choose payment method. I chose to pay the bill every month instead of having it drawn out of a bank account.
  • Paperwork to fill out the necessary information.

That was last week. They told me to come back this week since they were having some company mumbo jumbo thing, so they couldn’t register me yet. This week, I went and they did the following:

  • Double-check paperwork.
  • Have them install a software on Portie. It’s a software that connects you to the WiBro network, and it also lets you know how much bandwidth you’re consuming.
  • Ensure the USB modem works on Portie.
  • DONE!

I’ve had WiBro for two days now. So far, I’ve come to the conclusion that WiBro must hate the base. I get crap signals there, but off-base, it’s not bad at all! It’s more reliable than the craptastic wi-fi hotspots services. Honestly? I don’t know why I didn’t get this sooner. I think it’s worth the money so far, and it’s convenient. No more relying on hotspots!

Google Chrome is becoming my new favourite thing, despite my initial “It’s Meh” reaction in 2008. It’s so much faster than FireFox, and with Chrome finally having extensions . . . I’m in heaven. Now if I can get a Yoono on Chrome and an LJ extension, I’ll be very, very happy. Within the last couple of months, I’ve been steadily using Chrome. Until about now, I’d been using Chrome and FireFox simultaneously. Now, I’m just using Chrome exclusively. There are some things I still want on Chrome, but I’m satisfied with what I can do for now.

Seriously, I’m a Google fangirl, and I’m proud of it! *loves loves loves*

Here’s the biggest reason why I haven’t been blogging lately. I’ve been busy with writing fanfics. XD I’ve been trying to write at least 1000 words a day, or at least every other day or so. I have a couple of fics I need to finish soon, so I’m hunkering down to get those written! Ah, have I mentioned how I love Portie for being my constant companion lately? XD

And dun, dun, dun. I have a cold. X_X;; At least it isn’t the flu, but still . . .

I absolutely detest my sinuses. They suck. On the other hand, I have NyQuil! I didn’t have any last night, so it was rough. But I shall be sleeping like a baby tonight. Yay!

Time to disappear! I really need to get better! I have this splendiferous concert to attend on Sunday! I must go to that at my best! I cannot miss it!


  1. I’m totally a bigger Google fangirl than you because even my phone is Google. *lifts head*

    Chrome is still my secondary browser, however, for the exact reason that it’s lighter than Firefox. It’s… strange to use something heavier and more customised (for now) as a secondary browser…? Don’t ask me why I think the way I do. :P

    P.S. I’m still waiting for my air ticket to Korea.

    TC’s Response: A Google phone? Nice! And it’s all good! I was only using Chrome as a secondary browser for a while because it wasn’t customisable. But now it’s starting to be more customisable, so yay!

    Also, er, I don’t think I can afford a ticket from Australia to Korea O_O;; I wish I could send you one, though! Better yet, let’s invent a teleporter.

  2. I tries Chrome when it first came out, I wasn’t too thriiled about it. I’m too used to using Firefox now to change to anythign else. Plus I love my No Doubt persona.

    Sorry about you having a cold. I hate having colds. I can’t breath and I sound funny. lol. But like you said, atleast it isn’t the flu. Which is worse.

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