HPV Vaccination + New Cellphone = A Successful Day

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A Successful Day
As Daddy said, I had a successful day! Sort of. It started out rather horribly, but it all turned all right in the end. :) I managed to kill two birds with one stone today. Muhahaha.

First Dosage of HPV Vaccination
Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way, shall we? I received my Human papillomavirus vaccination today. Well, just the first dosage. After I celebrated my birthday, I realised I had to hurry up and get it done since the hospital I go to has the cut-off date of 26. Meep!

I went there, and I discovered something interesting. See, getting the shot part was easy. Getting the information on how to receive paperwork for my insurance company turned out to be a very, very difficult and teeth-grinding experience. Let’s just say they sent me around in circles today. I went from here to here:

  • Front desk area — Gave me a number and told me to wait.
  • Immunisation room — Received the shot (Ow!) and was told to go to PAD.
  • PAD area — Here they told me to go to OPR, and I snapped at them on how I was sent here. They consulted OPR and took me over there.
  • Out Patients’ Records area — I spent fifteen minutes for them to put my information into their computerised database. After they were done, I asked them about my “receipt”. They finally told me that I will receive a bill in the mail. I asked, “How long will that take?” They didn’t know. So they sent me to the Treasury office.
  • Treasury Office — Their office was right next to PAD area. I was fuming by then at the hospital staff’s stupidity. Luckily, I was helped by a much smarter lady, and I ran into my former co-worker who works there now.

. . . ARGH. Let’s just say I left the hospital with a huge scowl on my face.

Ceru the Cellphone
After a quick stop at my big boss’ office to drop off my time sheet, I went to this Business Centre nearby. See, I’ve been wanting a new cellphone for the longest time now. Daddy said he’d buy me a phone, but the central problem in this situation was for me to try to transfer my current number into a new phone. My phone company, LG Telecom, are run by relatives of the morons I ran into at the hospital, I think. My friend (who’s Korean) became my translator, and we went one of their offices off-base and even called their informational hotline to be told this: They told me that I am unable to do that without an Alien Registration number, which I do not have since I’m under an entirely different visa from the other foreigners here. Upon that revelation, I became quite unhappy on Korean’s strict laws against foreigners.

However, at the Business Centre, the guy simply told me this: if the phone is registered under me, the number will be transferred regardless of having that Alien Registration number or not. Now that’s what I wanted to hear, and I spent some time in there looking for a phone of my preference. In the end, I chose this awesome silvery-blue thing:

Everyone, this Samsung SPH-B8650 is now known as Ceru (short for “Cerulean”) the Cellphone. It cost me $180, but Daddy will cover it for me as a late birthday present. Thank you, Daddy! And thank you sooooooo much, Business Centre, for being very logical and smart! You have gained a loyal customer! The black phone is my old one, Hass, and it will be used as my alarm clock from now on.

I also finished my rough draft of my fic today. Go me! I got the first dose of HPV vaccination, a new cellphone, and a finished draft! Plus, tomorrow’s my day off. My life’s fully and utterly complete!


  1. Cool! I love new phones! When I see Anycall, I think of Hyori. Hahaha!

  2. I hate injections, you’re braver than me! And I love your new phone :)

  3. I think getting injections are a big hassle as well. Not only that, the last time I got a series of shots, one of them made my arm feel like lead. It was rather uncomfortable and I can’t remember which one it was that I had gotten that day.

    As for your cellphone: Awesome! I have an LG Vu. It’s a touch screen and it’s pretty awesome. I’m not so sure I still like touch screens as much anymore, but whatever. :) Glad you like your phone!

  4. Ah yes, the HPV. I’m glad I got that over with. It was annoying having to come back home every time for the next dosage. Yay for having a cell phone, which I am currently having to do without right now. Long story short, I lost my SIM card.

  5. Admittedly that’s not my kind of cell/mobile phone, but heck, I have the iPhone now. :P I think $180 is pretty cheap for a phone – giving leeway for currency changes and whatnot. Maybe that’s just because my iPhone was expensive. :P

    Congratulations on getting the first HPV shot! I got all of mine in the last year of high school when they gave it to school students.

    Sounds like downright crappy service there. Nothing is more annoying than someone who is meant to help you but knows absolutely nothing! -_-

    Have a good day off! ^_^

  6. Congratulations on the new phone! It looks super cute~ I have had my phone for a year and a half now and I am ready for a new one since this one is dying on me. I am waiting patiently for something awesome to come along!!

    I hate getting vaccines…I am afraid of the moment of getting a shot…I get so nervous. I’m glad you got the first one done with!

  7. Ugh, I hate needles. I have to have blood tests done once in a while, and I dread it every time.

    Congrats on the new phone! It looks cool and a lot sleeker than your previous one XD

  8. Daniella on

    Needles make me faint. I got the HPV vaccine, against my wishes, my mom insisted and all..

    Nice phone. I need a new cellphone, mine just doesn’t suit me. It was my sister’s actually, then she got a new one. I can’t wait to change it.

  9. I don’t trust most of the vaccinations that’re out there, man — For example, I absolutely refused to get the H1N1 shot. No way was I taking the risk of being hit with some strange side effect! Plus, I had already had the virus before the shots were even available to the public, so I didn’t see the point.

    Nope, I just don’t fully trust ’em. ><; Plus you gotta go through all that bullshit — Ugh!

  10. Hey Tara! Well, in good news, my mum has given my laptop back. She told me to look for a job online, since one of mine is ending soon and I need something better than the job I have in that education centre. I hope I’m back for good, lol. :)

    *hugs* Thank you for your support! <33

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