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My vacation has come to an end. That makes me incredibly sad. I think I could almost go for two more weeks of what I’ve been doing since I’ve turned 25! The first half of my vacation was on the social side. The latter part turned me into a writer of some sort.

Along with a “fanpoem” I completed by the January 18, I wrote a 7200ish word fic in two days, and I started and wrote 2600ish words to a new fic on Sunday. In between all that, I’ve been beta-reading for other people, RPing, reading books, and figuring out how to put a PC game onto my netbook without the use of an optical drive, which I’ve figured out.

My mum said to me on my last day of vacation, “Why don’t you go on train ride and go on a trip!” Jeez, and this is from a mother who won’t let me stay out past 10pm without freaking out?

My dad said, “You had a waste of a vacation”. I asked what he meant by that. He said, “You just sat in that computer chair all week.” He does have a point about my butt’s placement on a particular furniture, but how is it a waste of a vacation doing something I enjoy?

And my parents think I’m the pessimistic, cynical one? Oh, wait, I still am.


  1. I don’t think I’ve ever written that many words ever in my life. lol I don’t think I’ve even spoken that many either, lol.

    I like playing computer/video games too. Although I haven’t played a video game in a few years.
    Thanks for your comment and understanding of the last blog. I really appreciate it. :)

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